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War declared officially! "Wheel Deep Tunnel: Exile" removes the Steam Pre-order page and is an exclusive Epic Games Store

War declared officially! The war between Epic Games Store and Steam really broke the war at this time! A live-action filming studio, "The Deep Tunnel: Exile," suddenly announced the Steam Store's pre-retired application page and changed to the Epic Games Store. Previously, on February 14th, 2020, players who want to start a digital PC game can only buy and download the Epic Games Store.

The "Wheel Deep Tunnel: Exile" was officially released on the breakdown of the Steam community news preorders.

According to the article, Epic Games and Deep Silver have officially announced the epic games store "Wheel Deep Tunnel: Exile" for sale through the online store before February 15, 2019.

Although the developer has already removed the Steam Store Preorder page, still those who have purchased Steam are still protected.

According to the announcement, all pre-purchased Steam prepaid cards are valid for downloading and playing players in the Steam game download version, although you can also receive the Gold Edition, the future DLC content with the Expansion password, and you can not buy it again at Epic Games Store .

Similarly, all prepaid deposits such as Deep Tunnel, such as digital art collections and soundtracks, will also be released by pre-prescribed Steam Players. At the same time, the official "Wheel Deep Tunnel: Exile" will not be downloaded in the exclusive Epic Games Store in the future, and all DLCs will be released at the same time to the platforms.

The official also stressed that Steam is a steam-free version of the sale, the treacherous tunnel: the exile or the digital version of the game can only be purchased in the future in the Epic Games store, the content is the same and the trepidation tunnel: Exile will be re-deployed on February 14, 2020 Steam it started

Regarding the players' or gaming industry, "Twisting Deep Tunnel: Exile" focused on previous behavioral deformation rather than addressing the previous Ubisoft decision, "Tom Cransey: Blockade 2" was placed at the Epic Games Store.

Many of the players got news, they screamed at the Steam community, and some were shopping games in 2020. The anger of the developers of the "Wheel Deep Tunnel: Exile" left the message in the Steam shop:

"We believe the decision to cancel the game is unjust for the Steam player, especially after a long period of pre-sale. We recommend you apologize to players who want to buy Steam games after the sale of the game on February 15. Recently, anyone can only notify us for a limited time ".

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