Tuesday , June 15 2021

When the release of the "Kill la Kill 斩 girl" version was officially released, the new "Lupa Xiao" skull / ghost dragon school was published at the same time :: Game base gamebase

Japan Arc System Works will be installed in PS4 / PC Steam in 2019. APlus will produce it. The game Kill la Kill is known as the "Kill la Kill" game. (IF) ~, announced the addition of the original version of PS4 / PC, the Nintendo Switch version will also be released for more versions.


In addition to the public version of Switch, the official also released the latest images of "Spike Sewing" and "Ghost Dragon Court Luo Xiao" publicly released. Among them, the woman's tangled stitch messed up, the character is cruel and ill, not only to use the line to burly puppet control, but can also create an avatar battle, like the other ghost dragon temple Luo Xiao, ghost dragon temple 皋 月 and tangled Mother is also instinctive school and He is the last Boss president, and two of them will play in the game. The player can confirm the first release through this official release!

Needle needle

Ghost Dragon Court Luo Xiao

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※ The new game base host station game plaza

※ "Kill the Kill 斩 girl the Game ~ Iwa (IF) ~" official website

"Kill la Kill 斩 girl" Change the version officially open, the new battle role "Needle Stitch / Ghost Dragon School Luo Xiao" at the same time
Japan Arc System Works will be launched in PS4 / PC Steam in 2019, produced by APlus and adapted to popular "Kill la Kill" animation.

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