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Xbox One March shipping, free game of "The Rise of the Metal Gear Solid" and "Plants vs Zombies" Gold | 4Gamers

Every month, "Games with gold" is a bit solid this month. Microsoft in Taiwan today (28) notes the March free game, "Star Wars", "Plants vs Zombies", "The Metal Gear Solid Rise" are available.

This offer is for exclusive Xbox Live Gold members (Xbox Live Gold).

Xbox Live "Games With Gold" free game of March 2019

Cobalt side scroll action game
Free collection time: from March 1 to March 31, 2019

Located in the Mojang Studios of My World in 2015, Cobalt is a fun and humorous style, easy and fun.

The player will have a boy element called "Cobalt", lost on the mysterious planet, and will return to the trip home to launch the jumping and adventure action. You can use brake-time, bullets and drills to offer more advantages.

This game includes various game modes: flag, death limit, adventure, etc., and also includes the game map editor.

Star Wars: Republican Command: Tactical Shooting Game
Free collection time: March 1 to March 15

The old game called "Star Wars Republic Commando" was launched in 2005 to LucasArts, which is now compatible with Xbox One and faces it again.

The player plays a commanding captain and leads three players to the enemy camp to launch the secret attack. Although this book has been in use for almost 15 years, the content has reached quite a bit, including the UHD interface and a connection to 16 people.

"Metal Gear Solid Rise: Revenge": a high-speed sniper action
Free collection time: from March 16 to March 31

The fascinating "METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE" produced by Hideo Kojima and Platinum Studios were launched in the Xbox 360 in 2013.

Far away from the "Stealth" Tyrgo Dragons series, Thunderbolt is based on a biochemical mechanical transformation that allows high-speed "Sniper" and "Catching" and other exciting activities, including a wonderful and wonderful sword. It is a chosen time honor, due to its spectacular sight and spectacular action.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Wars 2: Multiplayer Tower Defense Shooting Game
Free collection time: from March 16 to April 15

Who says plants can only be zombies, Plants vs. Bullying by Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 lets players choose a "zombie" or "plant" camp to compete with fun sites. Big head about.

2 new generation 6 characters have been added and a total of 14 arms are included. Players can have more than 100 types of plants and zombies, and they can experience different abilities and attack / resistance modes. Also, this site uses multi-connection mode. In addition to single player mode, there are 4 other players, even 24 players involved in the Battle of Herbal Assault.

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