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– 13-year-old boy grandfather's victims had sexual abuse.


Monday, November 26, 2018, 22.03

A 13-year-old grandfather was a victim of sexually abused, detained by the police

13-year-old grandfather was sexually assaulted. Nowadays, grandparents wanted to get their neighbors faster and faster. I will create another child.

Mrs. Nine Named Pseudosense, aged 62, led by CHA, was a 13-year-old son of his nephew, kidnapped the owner, a 40-year-old named Kai, whose face and bodies do not know. I'm not sure where I am. Depending on the questionnaire. The owner of the Causes of Udon Thani Hospital has sent the body to see the body. Search for remnants of sexual abuse. The Udonthani Hospital was investigated and punished by the police.

Reporters Udon Thani arrived on November 26 to study the case. Today, we must go to the victims of sexually overweight. But nobody happens at home. The door closed, but Somyos was 60 years old, with his grandfather's family next to the house, no homeless. The father of a man's grandfather is a contract to hire a small husband and wife Buffalo to hospital at the hospital.

I do not know if that happened. When I returned to Nong Saeng's grandchildren, I know that my grandson acted. At that time they were very shocking. What's your grandchildren? When asked about the person who caused the accident, the car began to emit. The white roof I did not ride on horseback. And that said, according to the eyes, the whole body is blisters. This has never been seen.

"When it happened with his nephew, I was honest and sad, this time, usually my grandson is playing, to practice this sport regularly.The school athlete, 5-6 pm, will return home, but this is darker than usual, when he returned home, He came back home, take care of him more, he will not go home, and next to school the children would not play until afternoon When the event happened, the school's director asked me where he was my nephew, and told the grandmother not to go home "

Mr Somyot said that he wanted to quickly catch the police. I know the villain is bad. We need children to be careful. Do not go to the dusk to play. It is the way to inform students.

This is the first time I've ever seen this movie. I was sent to the doctor at Udonthani Hospital. The children went to the hospital at the hospital. Controlling childhood symptoms. After leaving the children at the hospital. The research team will provide a multidisciplinary perspective. Ask the new child again. The police have done the investigation. The fastest area to catch the villains.

"The crime scene" It's early morning. There are 3 children playing in school. The boys came to this group. Take ploy to be a child of the victim. Money is given to other two friends who are friends. Go to buy fruit and water. Enabling the victim to live together. And the robbers took advantage of the victims' companions and then went on stage. In addition, monks inspected at CCTV school. And according to the planned paths, thieves will escape after the accident. The victim will also be a child's friend. I will draw a picture of a villain. Researchers "

Politically, the police also reminded children that they were younger. This can be a victim of opportunistic crimes. In case of fraud, sexual abuse. Take care of your children well. Do not leave at home in the dark. Keep in mind that this will happen again.

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