Sunday , January 17 2021

1,500 million years of mysterious sign of a light galaxy

1,500 million years of mysterious sign of a light galaxy

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Are there aliens? If they exist … Where are you in the universe? But astrophysics was paying close attention to the space of the radio space that occurred during the short-term (Rapid Radio Bursts-FRBs), as a result of extraterrestrial or extraterrestrial civilization. Highscore space objects

The FRB was unexpectedly detected in 2007 for that day, it detects more sudden sudden stoppages of 60 new BBBs, 13 other radio puzzles and 1 13 repeats. Continuous signals These RFB radio stations reach our plans from a mysterious galaxy that is far from a billion-year-old light year. Most of the previously detected FRBs have a frequency of around 1,400 MHz, but the new signal is different 800 MHz below

Most scientists confirm that it is possible to create powerful radio signals in space, such as black holes or neutron stars. But other groups believe that this is an incredibly progressive technology that is alien. Which communication is needed to build, or it can be used to boost a giant nuclear energy.

Credit: Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment.

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