Wednesday , February 8 2023

3,000 pages sponsoring 4 government departments. "Chao Phraya Way" opens in front of the court. Hope Ends – temporary protection


On November 21, at 9:00 p.m., at the Administrative Court, Chaengwattana Road, Bangkok, General Assembly, Art and Culture Foundation for the public, Social network and community water network. The request presented four government requests: 1. Cabinet 2. Board of Directors, Chao Phraya River Development Project 3. Ministry of Interior And 4. The call for the development project of the Bangkok Chao Phraya River has been convened.

"Protecting the current lawsuit for the Chao Phraya River, which is the most important river in Thailand, because it is a process that is not covered by the project, it has not been fully held, and has been receiving information from academics and groups since 2016, as well as other academic commentaries.

Ms S. Rattumaneepol, from the Community Center for Information Literacy Law Center, said the information provided was sufficient to address the problem before the court. Impact will occur. Procedures for the implementation of a procedure according to law.

"This project has been around since 2015. The network continued in 2016, it was never known, it could have talks, but it did not release the information, the project did not continue, the thought was over, but at the end, it has announced the BMA remodeling The proposal was proposed to the Interior Ministry. We see that the rhythm must be archived.

If accepted, consider the external process. And the announcement of the competition will hurt the situation. And to access the private sector auction. The project is intended to cancel. He also applied for a court order to file a temporary penalty for delaying the project. The Court waits for you to sue. I do not know how long it will last. Temporary protection would be protected throughout the state. And private, and people will have a project impact, "said Mr Rattanee.

Individuals believe that the Court has given temporary protection. The steps in the project process are clear. The law does not comply with the community environment and it will affect the Chao Phraya River. The decision to apply for protection today will be a problem for the private and public sector if the private auction process is exceeded. When more than 3,000 documents are submitted, there are 4 sections: 1. Collect information and information on the Government agency project. 2. Impact of study research 3. In the media. And the network. Follow the objection 4. The letter was presented among the agencies.

Sathit Damrong, Bangor Community Representative, Bang Phlat, Bangkok, said the project's first area will reach the community. This will undoubtedly affect. It's a way of life, where people go down the ferry and find the way to the port. People will cross the river. It can not be skipped In the past, it was the only official to access the project information. And change it. I do not know what it is. In the end, what would be done by the citizens, but they admitted that some communities agreed that the land was more expensive for this project. The original land was blind. Many communities think that the project has been delayed as previously reported.

The Office of the High Court of Justice received five copies of documents at 10:45 a.m., case number 88/2561.

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