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& # 39; Haringer of Doom & # 39 ;, & # 39; T. Rex & # 39; family tree


The paleontological research group, led by Terry Gates, paleontologist presented by North Carolina State University and Lindsey Sando at the North Carolina Natural Science Museum on February 21, found a fossil of a new type of dinosaur from the United States central power plant

The recently discovered dinosaur family is a dinosaur. "Tyrannosaurus", the carnivorous dinosaur species, due to the reputation of Tyrannosaurus Rex or T. T. Rex, is 7 tons massive, more than 13 meters. Becoming the world's most meat-eating animal chain in the world, 30 million years ago

But the new Tyrannus is very small compared to ordinary dinosaurs. Its size is 3 meters long and weighs only 78 kilograms. It has a fast and fast pace. At the time of Cretaceous life, he lives in the old era of T. Rex, occupying a lot of the world, that is, about 96 million years ago

The Survey team is called "Morose Intrappus," called "Doin of Harbiner," meaning "Transitional Commander". "by itself

Terry Gates explained that during Cretaceous There are 2 carnivorous dinosaur types, except Moros. Zyrsme Kierorum is a dinosaur. The dinosaur of the Alosaur family is 12 meters long and weighs about 4 tons. A world of carnivorous predators in the United States can be immersed in the world 10 million years later.

Moor is a small hunter. Only come on the second level

"In short, talking about Evolution, it is comparable to that of Moros and Zays David. But, in fact, David, much smaller, like Moros, can survive the horrific changes of the earth, at that time very rapidly, both in the mountains and in the sea Up until the rise of the level causes the extinction of the giant Alosaur. "

At the end of Zyroid's era, giant hunters of the time were similar to opening the way to the small Tyrannosaurus. Especially, Morose Intra Plexus grows and grows indefinitely. It became the largest space hunter in North America, T. Rex, 30 million years later

Tyrannosaurus origin in Asia. Before going to North America. And the highest point has been placed. But only fossils that show evolution have been discovered. Among the found newly discovered fossil mums. What is partially found in the legs and toothbrushes? A monster is expected to grow virtually in 7 years

The survey team did not find Moros' fur fossils. But assuming this, some pieces, especially in the ankle, should be covered. Like many dinosaurs

Terry Gates said the grown seeds were grown and standing, the Moors are at the level of our changes, and 3-meter Great Dane dogs.

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