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40 old girls are back, it is a wheel and weighs 32 kg. Do not re-fat again!

Khun B., a clothing owner of over 40 years, is interested in love and fashion and attire. In the past, the waist was thin, but it could be almost 100 kg.

It eats the stomach, sleeps well. Healing on the island. Weight is increasing on the day of birth. The weight is 98 kg, almost 100 kg (laughter). Deck weight is fast. After birth, the next day weighed a weight of 92 kg, besides being a baby, the weight was lowered to 75 kg.

6 large donuts are eaten once.

Tired of working, eating and sleeping

I like eating more Tired work And raising kids Eating food is not a time B's dinner is two hours. Sell ​​home-made products, have dinner, cook with the family, eat and sleep every day. Eat Rice for each meal B. Have you ever thought how many lads were eaten, how many shifts, good food, fried meat, lean meats? They have finished eating, they must eat snacks Once they eat a cake in a pound, 80 kg> 84> 89 kg has been increased since weight

He died almost as a result of weight loss piles

Enough weight Started to look for a new weight loss, eat, eat only one day, very palpitations, insomnia, chest tightness, stopped eating immediately And did not dare to re-eat the weight loss tablets, fearing death Then try to lose weight again. But using the wrong method. Eat least often. Try to eat others. Use various intensive formulas. But it was not a success. You can do a few days and eat again before returning

The weight range is between 89-92 kg, often cramping. Especially in the middle of the night, arms, hands, tea and frequently throughout the day. Under the breast will stomach and cramping as tortured as near Death

School days weighing 50 kg.

In addition to health problems Still lacking confidence When it's obese, it does not want to take pictures. They do not like clothes they can not find. Honestly, he said he never thought he would come farther away. Loved Maids. When you love to dress, take care of yourself. But let it be released. Leave fats.

At the beginning of weight loss

5 reasons that are the main cause of weight loss at this time

1. The first is age. In 2018, after age B of 40, B was 4 years old with enthusiasm, he began to think many times. When I was 40, I wanted to be an obese old man? He decided to lose weight

2. Children of B say that their mother is fine as before. Mum wants to be as beautiful in the photo B. See yourself See the delicate and time-consuming clothes

3. People often do not talk Both on their backs and behind, like a giant and a thousand fat, why my wife, a thousand fat

4. Time to go to the hospital Measure and measure the pressure The nurse speaks loudly Ask if we weigh or not? What is your weight? How much is it weighed? He was full of patience, very embarrassed, everyone looked at each other (laughter) and Bren pressure measurement results. Every time he goes to the hospital, the pressure is 150 and the highest is 156. Both doctors and nurses lose weight. B. Fear of this disease. You want to stay for a long time

5. At any time, when B is aged 6, her husband never speaks. Whether to lose weight Fat was never talked about. Or call this fat B, fat, your husband never speak Never B Size The husband has never forbid food. He said he wanted to eat hungry and eat it "B. Pressure yourself" In the end, I want to lose weight.

"The goal must be reached".

I want to go back to B. I want to go back. That's what B. Goal In the future, they should do more than 100 hearts. The initial weight is 90.7 kg. The current weight is 58 kg. Weight decreases to 32.7 kg. It weighs 11 months.

Current proportion

Xavier's 37.4 "from the original 44
The waist around the stamp 28.2 "from the original 40 waist
The temple belt hanging from the ram 27,1
Hip 36.2 "from the original 43
21.7 from the stomach from the original 28
167 cm in height

B. Hand-reduced weight eating pills Do not eat additional weight loss, weight loss dietary control, choose 70% eat and 30%

Most people know that the best Weight Loss is to control food intake And the exercise "It sounds easy, who can say it, but it is difficult? Where do you start?"

For me, before you start to lose weight for 2 weeks, find Google food information. Find out how to eat. Healthy Weight Loss B. 5 Knowing how to eat food, what to eat What foods are in each group? Find Every Food Calories How to Avoid Vegetables, Fruits, Meats and Food What to Avoid

Tips adapted for mothers aged 40

1. Food is very important.

Most foods do the same. Very little to eat to buy. The food menu that is eaten in 3-5 days a day will be written, the purchased material will be prepared The pre-written menu will calculate calories. Daily food is rough Each menu shows how much Google Exercise and B's are doing, it will prepare foods according to the menu B. Write

2. Eat 3 whole meals, do not eat any food.

Eat breakfast and lunch Eat a light dinner Eat breakfast before eating at 8:00 p.m. Lunch Do not eat dinner before 12:00 at 5:00 p.m.

Especially for dinner B. Eat easily for food. Reduce and avoid carbon content by not controlling more than 250 calories, depending on the food they eat 2. The body B can be adjusted from the first two months.

3. Control of daily calories

Eat enough food with the body, calories, prepared food. It will be checked all the time before buying

4. Need some food Reduce the negation of 3 words.

5. Reduction of carbohydrates

Putting protein foods into practice Building muscles Focusing on eating lots of vegetables, fruits are very delicious (1 main rice, 1 part meat, 2 pieces of vegetables)

6. Avoid foods that use all kinds of cooking oil.

Instead of using regular water instead of frying pan, eat cooked foods, steamed, stewed, grilled, grilled, chili paste, coconut milk, and let eating MSG. Exit the sauce from eating foods Do not eat too much food. Add a little aroma, candy, dessert, take it as a fresh drink, leave it out of high calorie foods. Do not eat meat magazines Eat easily digestibility foods. Do not eat junk food. Fast food

7. Eating a lot of foods that are low in food. Do not eat less, but high calorie

8. Very hard, do not indulge your mouth.

9. Go quickly to bed. Rest-strenuous. After dinner. Have fun. Try to eat. Try to eat. They need to find something to eat. Do not let hunger get past stomach pain.

10. Stop eating cold water Normal water temperature Wake up in the morning with an empty stomach. B 500-700 ml of water will be consumed in warm water before eating each meal. 1-2 glasses each after each glass, 1-2 glasses of water and 2-3 liters of water per day

11. Choose black coffee without sugar.

Like bitterness, it is usually eaten almost every day. Most coffee cups are hot coffee. If you want to eat black coffee without sugar, choose if you want to eat 3in1 coffee, choose coffee that tells you the coffee that is next to the envelope. When you are preparing half a cup of coffee and adding an additional coffee, the cold coffee will avoid it. If you want to eat really it does not eat more than 2 cups each month and B can make a cold coffee, regular store The seller tells you to reduce the ingredients

12. If you eat

Go eat with your family, have a party with your friends, eat a B Do not be bothered by others The next day there will be a healthy meal menu. Hurry to recover the body as soon as possible

Exercise schedule

B. Start exercising since weight loss. Exercise with B. Diet in 2018, average 5-7 days per week, and this year 2562, average 4-6 days per week

Small gym at home

B. When entering the gym there is no row in the house. And Ban B, there is no exercise machine. Use a small storage room, the only dumbbell device on each side of 1.5 kg. Exercise, training, do not run or jump. Do not jumping rope I can not do it

Watch YouTube YouTube exercises on YouTube. In IG, you want to reduce what you want to burn. What do you need to do? B. Continue Select position Do not force yourself B will use the dumbbell to start the back of the arm, 30-40 minutes later, administering the abdomen, belt, hips and legs, respectively. All exercises take about 1 hour: 1.30 hours.

Every day, the B opens up early and in the afternoon. After two eight hours, the time required to perform B's exercise.

The results of this weight loss

He said it was amazing that the result is better than expected. Make a new acquaintance Love yourself more and prove that we can do it. You can win your heart. B. It loses weight. Diet. Choose to eat and exercise is consistent with severe discomfort, it helps you lose weight without being healthy. Eat weight loss pills or any weight loss supplements

Thin, Fat Fat can be fat

A giant lady is also an angel. B. I like it, who is to lose weight. Or people who think about losing weight B. I understand that it is difficult. But think everyone can do it. Join in to do it yourself. Everyone can do it.

If it is a serious intention, discipline, it must achieve a real goal. Try to fight once. "Believe and believe in yourself" You love to love before everyone loves all birthdays. Do not dare. Women can not stop quite. The older you care, the more recommended, you should be tired as soon as you get it. Do not stress Do not hurry Weight loss B does not indicate that everything is correct. But everyone can adjust Change food, choose food, and even be healthy. Eat well, change life.

Conversation and compilation: The MThai Women's Team

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