Wednesday , January 20 2021

AIS Fiber pushes the eSports industry to set up a new home network to solve the first gamer pain in Thailand!

AIS Fiber pushes the eSports industry to set up a new home network to solve the first gamer pain in Thailand! Double bandwidth innovation, differentiating the gaming pipe from the Internet, the lowest latency, no delay! 300/300 + 300/300 Mbps just 990 Bahta

• AIS Fiber, a high-speed broadband internet leader with 100% optical fiber technology, first in Thailand in the game to integrate the entire home internet market. Evolution of the global sport that is widespread among the Millennium behind the E Sport team. A new package for "AIS Fiber eSports", sports electronic sportsmen, rumors and fans. Thai Thai people connect to the eSports world, the best digital platforms and platforms in Thailand

• For the first time in Thailand! New home internet innovation dimension Distribute the game's pipe from the home internet channel. A Thai engineer has invented and developed a Goratuar only function, dual bandwidth (dual network) service that offers 2 times the internet two line of internet pipes. Play games with a pipe The best online gaming experience, fast, fast, uninterrupted, when you use the Internet at home, with the lowest, more stable latency, with the same cost of downloading costs. Cheap sports

• Under deep-seated game partners, top 20 Thai People Develop Optimization route from inside gates, to run directly to the game server as soon as possible. Being very low latency helps Pain Point to really fix with Gamers

• Home packs, AIS Fiber eSports, monthly fee, high value, faster, stronger, cheaper than current AIS fiber customers and new customers.

  • 790 baht, speed 100/100 + 100/100 Mbps
  • 890 Bahta, 200/200 speed + 200/200 Mbps
  • 990 baht, 300/300 + 300/300 Mbps speed and free public IPv4, with the ability to connect to the game server, free installation and 4,800 baht, with the right to borrow a free dual-band Wi-Fi Router. It supports 2 frequencies, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, 2,500 Bahta worth, first entry discount is 650 Bahta 2,000 regular Bahta and many other privileges.

Mr Saran Pholhah, a broad-based business management manager, told AIS that Thailand's fast-growing eSport industry is rapidly endorsed and Customer Insight, sports enthusiasts, TV series and Line-up players have discovered the most popular domestic games on the Broadband Internet networks. The need for a steady speed Due to both mobile devices and computers For this reason, broadband or home internet networks So, the priority of e-commerce for e-commerce is spent on the market At this time, there is no home internet packet that exactly responds to the gamer.

AIS Fiber, which is based on new innovations, in order to boost customers' use of all segments, so that the development and refinement of the network is specifically addressed to the EISport group with advanced technologies, to make the AIS Fiber Network as small as possible Latency of the game channel from the home internet channel to the full Internet use, Internet Common usage and games, as the first bandwidth in Thailand, Customers can assure that the AIS Fiber eSports package meets the most demanding and stable needs of the game. It is no longer a direct current that stumbles, "Saran said.

The customer can check the service area. See additional package information here at or AIS Call Center 1175

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