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Channel 3 "Familiar news" for the renewal campaign – The Bangkok Insight

"Channel 3" has fought against the election Change family news Direct reports from neighboring countries Organizing activities to promote new generations of rights to use

Mr. Chatan Maleenont, CEO of BEC World Public Company Limited, revealed in Channel 3 that Channel 3 opened the game for each channel. To maintain digital television leadership, establishing the "news family" end of the selection process, with direct reports on the field

In the next elections, Canal 13 will make a direct report every day of the vote. Paste across the situation, measure the punctuation per punctuation after the Election Research Report technology study on the Thai policy before entering the election day

Maleenont meeting

In addition, there are activities to promote young people over the next generation of generations. Rights to use the voice of activity have been used "New generation, democratic heart" to fit Tailandian universities with the face of Thai politics with the new generation With the "Morning Morning", Channel 3 slogan "More than more news" news items that are not side-by-side. Straight, clear

In Channel 13 Family, the goal of the game is to promote children and families. Introduce the creative benefits of children and add comprehensive news. With the presentation of night news, the name of the "Evening News" program under the slogan "2 and half with us" Go to the night program with the news channel 13 Family "Ning-Saisawan Khruayai" with the anchored female Go together "Joe-Arjun Rinthawithoon" from Monday to Sunday at 8:30 a.m. from the 4th of February

In addition, it also increases the airtime of the Channel 3 program. Noon incident from 11: 10 to 12: 25. "Direction Thailand" and "A-Dan Rait Krueng Dang Sweet Years"

Channel 28 also offers the following news: news, news and POBox 3 news and varied entertainment programs. It is another channel that generates the top 10 digital television trend

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