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China's first transgender babysitter prototype


The first Chinese anti-HIV transgene transplant has been ordered
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The world's first HIV-1 DNA transplant case – BBC Thai

Expert in science sciences in China and around the world. In fact, the geneticist Heo Ya, Shenzhen, professor, questioned. Human embryonic genes can be cured with advanced techniques. "CRISPR-CINNINE" (CRISPR-Cas9) is the world's first baby in the liver infection.

Many people have doubts about this scientific experimentation. Also, I have not actually been making gene cuts as claimed. Many experts also criticized him. This action violates the Code of Conduct. Until recently, the Xinhua News Agency has informed the Chinese National Health Commission (CNHC) that it is urgent to investigate this case.

Earlier, he has said through the video posted by Professor Video Review and on the UB website. Twenty-two women born to transgender have opened their eyes to the world a few weeks before. Both babies take into account the names "Lulu" and "Nana".

He graduated from Stanford University in the United States, and used the Chris Perry-Nine technique. That is to say, how genes can correct genetic defects with high accuracy. CCR5 gene removal in two embryos of children. This does not allow the twin girls who do not infect HIV with HIV in the future.

"This child was born with an amputated conventional tube. But when the father's son mixed with his mother's eggs, we put a set of sequencing and sequencing kits immediately in the embryo," said the teacher.

However, globally, the genetic change of human embryos is not acceptable for the serious ethics of research in biomedicine science. In many countries, including the United Kingdom, laws are clearly prohibited. This is especially true that the embryo expansion embryo remains the child and is eventually born.

Generally, transplant genetically transplanted stem cell transplant Laboratory What must have been donor-tested all embryos. I can not be sure at this time. How does genetic handicap affect the long-term genetic diversity of humans? Or will it affect the health of the person who is cutting in the future? Also, promote the medical industry. "Baby by order", which has the same physical and intellectual characteristics as parents.

However, Prof. He claimed that he was just inventing a way to make a healthy future for the children. He did not want to produce "Children's orders," but I do not understand. "I understand that my work is a debate, but I think that many parents and families need this technology. I'm ready to make a review."

But it seems that they are involved in many aspects. Including the twin hospital The University of Science and Technology of the South in China, I do not agree to achieve such success. The university gave a statement. No part of the research. Prof. Hee went out of the university to the laboratory, of course, one year after. Also, said Prof. Hao "Violence against academic standards and ethics"

However, the genetic change in the human embryo of the Teacher has been reviewed. He accepted the Ethics Committee of the Chinese Children Committee last year. Chinese evidence in clinical trials (ChiCTR)

Dr. Dasmae Lee, Dr. Kingston College, says that this is a human embryo cell transplant. It's an infringement of the etiquette. Due to the current situation, there is no need to resolve genes to fight liver infections. "If there is already a drug, the HIV infection is more than enough to prevent mother-to-child. It also controls the spread of the disease," said Dr. Eli.

Prof. Julian W. Woolsey, Ethics Research scientist at the University of Oxford. Generally, the embryo transplant is aimed at correcting the mutation of genes that cause future diseases of cancer. But soft ice. This experiment was a normal and perfect genetic force. Children are the genes that endanger the anomalies that can be caused by the test.

More than 100 Chinese scientists have made a joint statement against the teacher's actions. He had a metamorphic success of unspeakable experts and did not publish a reliable academic magazine. Likewise, the Government regulates the ethical code.

"This event undermines the reputation of the scientific community in the world in the eyes of the world, preventing the development of biomedical research in the country, which is not about Chinese scholars." We are committed to actively researching and innovating. "

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