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Chinese scientists say they build quantum computers Think 100 trillion times fast. Send it worldwide today.


Chinese scientists say they build quantum computers thinking 100 trillion times fast

Date December 6, 2020 at 6:07 p.m.

China’s advances in quantum technology are calculated faster than comparative supercomputers

Chinese scientists say they have built quantum computers that can do nearly 100 trillion times the world’s most advanced supercomputer in an effort to advance technology.

The researchers built a prototype of a quantum computer capable of detecting up to 76 photons using Gaussian boson sampling using a standard simulation algorithm. It is much faster than the current supercomputers.

This development shows an advantage in quantum computing. China made “quantum superpowers”, a traditional computer can not do the same job in a reasonable time

While quantum computing technology is still in its infancy. But it could also be key to improving computing speed and power, simulating large systems, and fostering advances in physics, chemistry, and other areas.

Now, Chinese researchers are competing with U.S. giants, from Alphabet Inc. to Google to Inc. and Microsoft Corp. for technology leadership, making it more of a vanguard in U.S. technology competition. China

Google last year revealed that it built a computer that could do calculations in 200 seconds, based on the computational problem that the fastest supercomputer would take about 10,000 years, turning Google into a quantum superpower at the moment. Chinese researchers now say that new prototypes can be processed 10 billion times faster than Google’s prototype.

The Chinese government is building a $ 10 billion national laboratory to promote quantum information science as part of a tremendous push in the area.

In the United States, the Trump administration funded $ 1 billion earlier this year to provide credit for research into artificial intelligence and quantum data and Kim Pewter for developing a quantum year. Google 2019

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