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False beliefs will come back to "shame"

The measles disease has once again appeared, which is to be followed clearly. 10 years ago, there were guidelines for preventing measles from receiving infants from birth to birth. But it was clear that in the last 3 years many countries around the world have been severe measles in 2000, Thailand and the United States predicted that measles is already gone. When this happens, we see this. Why is the disease almost controllable? Return to the epidemic and how to avoid it most

1. Most patients are children

The latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO) showed no signs of picnic in the first three months of 2019 and the number of patients increased by 300% when the number of 112,000 patients was reached. In 2018, compared to the number of patients in 28,000 cases, the number of patients with measles increased in the past 2 years.

According to the Health Organization, countries that have increased the number of measles patients have been affected by diseases such as Congo, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Keyjiggis, Madagascar, Myanmar, Philippines, Sudan, Thailand and Ukraine. Most children with measles increase their number of children and increase the number of deaths of this disease.

2. Vaccine against America

Increase in the number of measles patients This has led to the concern that the public health agencies of the countries that suffer from World Health Organization and the epidemics of Elgorrira are very serious, such as measles, the United States of America, for a long time to control the epidemic and a period of global measles. Because the vaccine is in a severe campaign Bullying and childbirth Bullying can easily communicate with each other Cough or wake up, the person does not protect it by injecting it.

Return to the measles epidemic in the United States and 11 other countries. The number of patients has increased significantly. One of the reasons for believing the vaccine is not important to children. What is the belief in the last 10 years, and these beliefs have many children not receiving vaccines Preventive prevention. Must be born. Not believe in the vaccine. Children will become strong. This section acts as an evil belief. "Vaccination will be autism. is it ", this is not true.

3. Children are easily infected. When we're learning together

However, children with no vaccine should come to study with other children Children like the team may be infected with measles. Knowing the measles and doing it without your classmates. This is mainly due to the complications of the elm. It can cause the infected person to have diarrhea, blindness, encephalitis and pneumonia.

The measles can easily be contacted, touching the patient's saliva, squeezing it and touching it. When it is infected, the first phase has fever, cough, nose, running and rhythm. Conjunctivitis, a victim of eye inflammation After a few days, three days later, there will be a white spots in the mouth. The face begins before the whole body opens

The best way to prevent measles is a measles vaccine. This can also prevent infection. Using this vaccine, Elgorriaga's deaths were reduced by 75% over the period 2000-2013, that is, 85% of children around the world. It shows the effectiveness of preventing measles. Using vaccines and this is the best way to prevent children from being exposed to infectious diseases. The body still has low immunity

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