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Focus: Worldwide! Better than COVID vaccine test results RYT9


The COVID-19 epidemic began in the Chinese city of Wuhan almost a year ago. The number of people infected with the new Corona virus from the beginning to the present has already exceeded 55 million cases of COVID-19. The bad news is that this number does not seem to be easily reduced. Often in the midst of a new epidemic the country of the World has controlled the country of origin of the epidemic, such as China, for several months.

But still, there is still good news this month. Modern and Pfizer behind the major US drug companies. Preliminary results from the evaluation of the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine. That each company has developed

Moderna, Inc., a U.S. biotechnology company. He announced a few days ago that the COVID-19 vaccine III. The results of the phase trial showed that the vaccine was more than 94% effective against the COVID-19 virus. Modern developed the vaccine in collaboration with the Allergy and Disease Research Institute. US National Infection 30,000 volunteers to participate in the project

Pfizer Inc., the largest pharmaceutical company in the United States. And biotechnology What was previously announced by the German pharmaceutical company The results indicated that the vaccine against COVID-19 virus The two companies jointly developed more than 90% effective protection against COVID-19.

  • Compared to other vaccines against viruses

Previously, scientists were expecting a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus. It is at least 75% effective, while Dr. Anthony Fosy is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Contagious Diseases. COVID-19 is the lead physician of the control team. The White House once said 50-60% of the vaccine was effective.

The results of these two vaccines have been shown to be more than 90% effective in both, much higher than expected. And they’ve had other vaccines against the virus. What’s so high-performing? Because people around the world have successfully developed and injected it

The Business Insider website has compiled figures on the effectiveness of various vaccines against viruses. Compared to COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer and Moderna This shows that the vaccine against COVID-19 is similar to the vaccine against Pfizer and Moderna Chickenpox (92.0% in 2 doses), the measles vaccine (97.0% in 2 doses) and the Polio vaccine (2%). 99.0 in 3-4 doses).

  • Where do these numbers come from?

The world is expected The results of the Vaccine trial showed this effectiveness. It will affect the deployment of COVID-19 which may close next year

Pfizer was the first pharmaceutical company to announce the results of its COVID-19 vaccine test on November 9, showing better-than-expected results. It’s a good approach for vaccines from other drug companies.

Pfizer and BioNTech said in a press release that 43,538 volunteers took part in the trial, all of whom were vaccinated by the company. Another group received a placebo. Volunteers were given two doses of the vaccine, the first and second, over a 3-week period.

When the second dose is injected for a week. Investigators have detected COVID-19. A total of more than 40,000 volunteers were found among all the volunteers. A total of 94 cases of COVID-19 were found, but Pfizer and Biotechnology did not specify how many out of 94 people were in the actual vaccine group and how many were there. But they just say that it is estimated that the company’s vaccine has more than 90% to prevent COVID-19.

There were 30,000 volunteers for the modern experimental project, half of whom received drugs. The other half received a placebo. Volunteers were also injected with 2 doses, each of which was injected within a month.

After giving two doses of the drug, the researchers performed a COVID-19 study. In the 15,000 placebo group, a total of 90 were infected with COVID-19, and only the remaining 15,000 people who were actually vaccinated were infected with COVID-19. When calculated together, the effectiveness of COVID-19 prevention is 94.5%.

Modern has also found no COVID-19 cases. The actual drug group with severe symptoms was compared with the placebo group with 11 people with severe symptoms.

  • Don’t be happy because the number can be reduced in part

It is good that both vaccine trials are more than 90% effective. But this result is in its infancy. Pfizer announced that it would wait to detect COVID-19 cases. A total of 164 volunteers, or another 70, reliably evaluated the effectiveness of the vaccine. What if there are patients with COVID-19 in the actual Drug group, the number of people in the placebo group increases, and that number is 90% lower.

In the part of the methane The trial had strict criteria for the right to study COVID-19, not all 30,000 people were tested for the disease, there were at least two symptoms. Having a fever, illness, headache, or pneumonia. COVID-19 is the equivalent of those infected But without showing symptoms, the disease has not been tested at all, so 94.5% of these amounts will not really reflect efficacy. Those that show no symptoms will eventually be found because Modern Detects antibodies, which can only be found if that person has been infected before. But keep going for longer

But still many experts agree that in the end, the effectiveness of the vaccine has actually decreased. At the end of the experiment But it should definitely exceed 50%, which is an acceptable criterion for the Food and Drug Administration to approve emergency use.

  • Challenges of two doses of the vaccine

Two doses were required for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, as well as the COVID-19 vaccine. Other companies are also currently researching Johnson & Johnson’s research into the effectiveness of two-dose and 2-dose vaccines.

A two-dose vaccine poses a challenge to the supply chain, which requires more equipment. It is also necessary to convince the person who injected the first dose and then returned to complete two doses to make the vaccine as effective as possible.

The modern vaccine can be stored in a storage room at a temperature of 36-46 ° F. What is the temperature of a standard home refrigerator can be stored for 30 days and can also be stored for 6 months if stored at -4 ° F

Modern vaccine storage properties are better than Pfizer vaccines. Which should be stored at a temperature of -94 degrees Fahrenheit And if taken to a normal refrigerator the vaccine lasts only 5 days. Pfizer’s vaccine required dry ice to be thrown from the plant into the patient’s arm. Special refrigerator And rigorous storage processes This allows Pfizer to distribute the vaccine to rural and developing countries, where electrical systems are insufficient and storage devices do not meet the criteria.

In addition, another challenge is that people who have received the first dose of the vaccine may not return to complete two doses, even if a full dose is required. Failure to get the vaccine to work Properly shown in a study The study showed that less than 1 in 3 people were vaccinated against HPV infection, the leading cause of cervical cancer among young women. Return to inject 2 more doses to complete 3 doses.

  • Paranoia can be a waste of effort.

Don’t believe it, you have to believe it People around the world are also encouraged to create vaccines soon. But there are many others who made it clear that they would not inject a single dose. There is also concern about the mRNA technology used by Pfizer and Modern in the production of vaccines. In addition to being a new technology that has never been used in vaccines against other viruses, it has been approved for real use. The vaccine was also tested in a timely manner.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use a genetic code using a technique called RNA messenger or mRNA. It is different from the usual vaccine that is a protein or pathogen that can cause death. The principle is to “train” the immune system. If the crown is infected with a new virus What is the new technique But no one has ever studied it. Because it has been tested in the past It is not complete.

Experts say the Pfizer and Modena mRNA vaccines provide high efficiency to ensure the effectiveness of the technique. He also makes other companies It’s easier to walk on the tracks too … However, although the vaccine is great But if you leave it in the bottle No one will inject it. The efficiency is over 90%, which is 0%, so the governments of many countries. You should receive a stick from these pharmaceutical companies to encourage all citizens to be ready to be vaccinated

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