Monday , July 4 2022

Google launches the new "Job Search", including a Job Position on the web, Choose a right one more convenient.


In today's world, anyone looking for something is the first option of Google services. If you are looking for a new job. Previously, Google's search is similar to the search for celestial searches, but Google Thailand has today launched a new "Job Search" Google feature to launch the display to work with the Knowledge Panel. Finding the right place is easier and more convenient.

Google works as a Asia 4 country

Asia's fourth country is inaugurated in India, Singapore and Hong Kong. This feature sends website information to find jobs. The main thing., JobTopGun,, LinkedIn,, and blognone. These partners will need to make a Google quote. To find your job, Google does not limit its cooperation, but only leaders. But it's also open to other partners. Send Google Survey data with Open Documentation. It is the procurement function to get jobs from different organizations. Small and large sites can be found easily on Google using open architecture called, created by Google.

Online job search has become increasingly popular. Year-to-year evolution has increased by 17% and there have been more searches for mobile trades than on current desktop computers. Mobile job search 14% more than the previous year.

More than 100,000 jobs are selected.

To display on Google, work search is organic or in a timely manner. There is no advertising function available. The search will be customized by selecting the work that is close to your home. Currently, more than 100,000 jobs have been made.

How to use Google Job Search

We can search Google searches in the browser or in the app. Key searches may be accurate or wide. Specify the title of your company or work.

  • Bangkok administration
  • Director of the restaurant
  • Jobs at Apple
  • Banking

The description of the work can be customized in other topics.

  • Employment category
  • Position and distance
  • Publication date
  • For full or partial time
  • Business type
  • boss

With which company the website may announce a job with Google.

Usually, any company that wants to hire more people will only use the website service. Target audience to target audiences. But the work already started with Google. We can work on the web page. As mentioned above, we must make Google's celery to send data to the content board. If you are not technically skilled. And the company uses WordPress or CMS to find a plugin that many people use.

Below is a WordPress plugin, we can download it immediately. No cost.

Droidsans announced job search and internship.

The website plugin will soon be available. We are now expanding our team. Anyone who wants to sign up to work together. There are several lower positions.

  • writers
  • Creative
  • Graphic designer

While waiting for the plugin, anyone interested can send a resume to [email protected]

You can find more about Job Search Google. I

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