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If Dee Bin Thai has been punished by the time of the Captain-Stewart Event, it may cause work.

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If Dee Bin Thai has been punished by the time of the Captain-Stewart Event, it may cause work.

On February 28, Sumet Damrongchaitham, President of THAI, Thai Airways flight TG 110 Bangkok – Chiang Mai Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai, Phuping Chiang Mai, when the boy's flight took place, the agency was attacked by the agency, asking both parties to question the incidents and question the incidents. Worked or not Work-time will be unlawful. Such problems affect the image of the organization. But if such incidents are outside, it may be a personal matter.

"People will be allowed to work together to get injured. It's normal not to be seen as violent conflicts as they may cause emotion to be spoken."

Thailand Airways International Public Company Limited magazine reports. The accident happened on February 17. The attack on the plane after landing at the Chiang Mai airport in the plane. There was no access to analysis of needs as well as the crew and the aircraft that served the airplane's flight and the food they served. Workshops that require coffee shops for food and drink, from travelers to trees. Captivating with pleasure means it causes anger and therefore ends up attacking the body

"Many parties also see it as a communicative problem, while non-stop and non-capital station stations communicate or communicate together, the new boy team still has little experience, it is seen that early Eon was consumed before traveling, so it was not thought Re-ask for it again on the device.

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Also, at that time, the plane was flying. Travel lunch must exceed the limit of more than 50 minutes before airline landing. Regarding the captain, it is not honored to let the machine machine demand or serve. "

Thai Airways has reported that the story can be seen at two angles. He can not answer himself. If the procedure for the provision of services is initially requested, is it considered a fault? It may be a mistake But you must also see how the table events are. And the crew must prioritize the food service to anybody else

Verification of daily demand and inquiry into the Phu Ping Chiang Mai Police reported that the victim was responsible for reporting the day's registration with the police. The incident happened on Chiang Mai's plane on February 17, 62. Afterwards, the victim returned to Chiang Mai to inform the daily record. That was physically abusive

He then asked the officer and the wounded not to judge them. But it will come every day to find out about this incident. Questionnaires from Mayhem Rumor was not a lot of injuries, wrong crime, fine but he did not make a trial. The police did not go forward. He recorded it every day

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