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More details emerge! The PM 2.5 powder, which poisons the poison, causes young men to die

January 31, 2019, at 11:00 p.m.


The publication of a PM PM mini 2.5 alarm, but the toxicity is not too small, it is more frightening than expected. If the young man is dead, he must go to the ICU for 5 days

In Bangkok and its surroundings Still facing the face of the PM 2.5 powder standard Facing health all the way to the face The latest online world has shared Facebook user stories. Songsammut SpeedVan The death of a poisonous poison is an event. He did that when the young man caught the ICU at the time, saying

"The alarm is close, it's terribly frightening … Take care … Do not get dust. Do not think like an indescribable thing! #Do you not know the alarmists we're thinking about? # Someone warns us that it's really dangerous.

On Sunday night dust, fever, cough, sore throat, morning mood, fatigue, sputum, medical pollution, no entry, and then went to the lung hospital in the swelling of the respiratory system. Acute bronchospasm In the blood without oxygen It must capture the conditions of the intubation, unable to access the ICU room, with severe cough, weakening It did not work, pressure tubing garden was high until it was broken to break the hair, wearing gloves, tied hands, tied to the chest 5 points Symptomatic vigilance Not worse Do not let the blood break important, do not infect it. The results of the treatment should wait 5 nights. He passed and survived, but he had to take care and look carefully. There are only a few symptoms to get to the doctor. # Children, elderly, patients with genetic diseases # The respiratory system cough is vulnerable to others "

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