Saturday , February 4 2023

Panic Invisible & # 39; The robot sends a clear picture of Mars, the first image on the ground


NASA launches Mars with a clear vision of the planet Earth-robotic launch. And now the power of mission is loading …

Fox News announced on November 27, 2018 that the InSight robot of the National Air Court and Space Administration (NASA) or NASA successfully landed. Mars on Monday, according to US time. Delivered to the world's first great-definition landscape in the world.

"The view is pretty beautiful here. I'm looking forward to exploring my home." Twitter @ NASAInSight "tweets Monday night in the U.S. After several hours, this landing was analyzed, as stated by NASA, now the site opens its new solar panel. to charge

The first picture released after the release is not clear.

The Mars landing site was completed for six months, from more than 458 million kilometers from the Earth to explore the interior elements of this red planet. This will analyze the first planet around the world.

Solar panels will be as follows.

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