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Pilots leading PSA tablets with pills spreading results to over 3,000 amphasmine tablets

Pilots leading PSA tablets with pills spreading results to over 3,000 amphasmine tablets

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The Prime Minister's office, the Sonthi 4 region, the forces of many parties, the results of Maha Sarakham's capture of hell, raiders were arrested more than 3 hundred thousand amphetamine tablets behind the main sewer. Put all your tablets in Lotan to do great work to send your clients to Isan

At 3:00 p.m., January 30, 2019, Pol.Lt.Col. Surachai Kuandachakupta, Commander in chief, 4, Pol.Gen. Poramat ordered the second subordinate commander to finish. S.P. 4, with Narcotics Police Prevention and Organization Center employees in the 4th district, Sonthi, many officials seized the methamphetamine. House number 164, Moo 3, Ban Kae, I Thua District, Yang Talat district, Kalasin province

What is Mr. Arthit or Art Khun Hong, 29 years old, who has been drug trafficking? What was the Narcotics Control and Suppression Center Region 4 employees of the Police Department's office to adhere to amphetamines in front of a table for the roadmap Moo 4 in Tha Khon Yang district In the Kantharahikhai District, in the Mahasarakham province, 98,000 amphetamine tablets are on January 29. And the accused were confessed to the amphetamines that were hidden in Kalasin's house

Checking the yard in the pond The officers found basic blue sacks, after analyzing amphetamine collected with sticky tape 198,000, the amphetamines were found to be officers from 296,000 pills. Initially they were accused of confessing the amphetamine. From neighboring countries and then he returned home to distribute and train in the Norwegian Network of Medicine

By means of which it will be a concierge or a place of medicine. Then, it will act as a drug delivery patrol. Or, it is known in industry, "riders" bring medication to move to different locations. Even before arresting, however, the officer arrested Mr. Sun to investigate. To expand the results, continue the drug traffickers and carry out judicial proceedings for the researchers

However, Mr. Arthit, a drug trafficker, is one of the most important Amphetamine traders in the Northeast region, and it is important that Mr. Artit has a connection with the past. Both financial channels Drug trafficking in all drug trafficking networks in the north and north

Through this, Mr. Arthit piled the northeast pills and made an amphetamine patrol. Which drug dealer is a network that sells Internet to increase the number of players that are preparing to expand the track and increase the effect of the connected to all the tablets.

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