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PT good shooting! "Power Brigade" Xiu Tura Yay Bury, the third strong Thai League 2019.

"Power Brigade" PTT Rayong, to continue reinforcing the new Thai Premier League in the 2019 season, to confirm the latest "R" Thira Yay Bury midfielder 24-year-old. "The Khon Kaen FC officially entered the army to sign the agreement signed with the players to work with team members. This is Ariel Rodriguez and Saravut Mueang, the third additional borrower BG Patum United.

24-year attack. "I am pleased with this move, which will allow them to play in the league for the first time in life, there are good players, and I will try to learn from them, to develop the rhythm and with the help of the team as much as possible".

"R" Thira Yatchanan started UFC football team with the UFC football season for the season of 2013 season season of 2013. In an important match, the team won the Football Division 2 East Zone. Soon, in the 2015 season, Ubon Ratchathani FC went to Thai League 3, three years earlier, to defeat Khon Kaen FC for the 2018 season. The team finished fourth in Thailand, unfortunately, the promotion lost. By the way, he has scored 7 goals in the 2018 season, two of the seven doors at PTT Rayong 2: a visit.

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