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Rainbow Double Rainbow Twin Column Weather Wisdom with Bancha Thanabunsombat

Rainbow Double Rainbow Twin Column Weather Wisdom with Bancha Thanabunsombat

Everyone loves the sky, the beautiful rainbow. Even if you see a pretty rainbow, both together are even more exciting

The lower rainbow's color is the brightest, the primary rainbow.

The upper rainbow is brighter than a lighter color, the name of the second rainbow.

Rainbow colors can be remembered: the first rainbow and the second rainbow "Convert from one to the other."

Once I knew that, on the morning corner, there is a red color with the upper primitive rainbow (bottom body) and the purple color is the bottom edge. The bottom side of the rainbow (upper body) and the purple must have a red color on the bottom edge.

The West calls the first rainbow and the second rainbow in the double rainbow mode.
It's called "Rainbow Double" here. Be careful with the word "rainbow rainbow" to be discussed later.

See Figure 1, Mr. Teerayut Loipib, taken by a leading official information from astronomy. There is the 7th Anniversary Anniversary of the King, Songkhla, on his honorable memorial of his Majesty
Do you see ordinary and extraordinary?

Figure 1: Rainbow double and Rainbow pair
October 20, 2018 at 4:48 p.m. (The sun is 16.8 degrees tall)
HM King of 7th Cycle Anniversary Celebration Observatory, Songkhla
Photo: Theerayut Loipib

This is normal. It is the upper body of the secondary rainbow, the color is lighter and the red color must be smaller.
This is unique The first blue rainbow is divided into two lines, each convergent. The rest are separated. And they separate each other in the middle as much as this is called, twinned rainbow or rainbow twins.

Interesting, the order of this little rainbow in the whole rainbow in the Red and at the bottom of the purple as usual before the usual rainbow

Khun Teerayuth, the photographer, said, "At first I did not see two pretty rainbow, I saw only a couple of the rainbow, when it was open, pick up the camera and the images, two running rainbow (about 2 minutes) and the same double rainbow he started translating. "

What do you think of sorcery?

Theory is Two Triple Blasts, in the air caused by water drops, with 2 groups, each group has a different shape. This will cause each rainbow from each drop of water, such as a drop of water, a circular shape that can cause ordinary rainbow drops. Drops of water will distort another group. It will make another rainbow near normal line

However, this is also possible. Two young rainbow can produce two drops of water, with the water drops in each group having a distorted shape of two spheres. A group is less distorted. It is more distortive than another group.

Can you have questions? Why can water drops be spherical and distorted?

The answer is that if the minimum diameter is less than 1 mm, the surface tension turns the drops pretty stable. But if it's bigger than the drops of water, the effect of the air will decrease if the drops of water drop down. The lower part is flat. See image 2.

Raindrops-Air flow-1mm-2mm
Figure 2: Rainfall depends on the size of the shape.

Professor Les Cowley, an expert in atmospheric optics, calculates the shape of the rainbow created by two water drops, since the first group is a sphere. The other group looks like a distortion. As the vertical axis has a 2.5% length, it has been shown to be effective in Figure 3

Two rainbow double rainbow twin
Rounded rainbow-BowSim-high nonspherical
Figure 3: Image of the Orthodox Circle assuming spherical dots are mixed with winding spots
Photo: Les Cowley

The two twin thrushes found on the tests usually occur after heavy rains. Which, according to theory, means that rain (in large rains) has at least 2 different forms

Interestingly, in addition to two giant rainbow, Japanese photography was divided into three Japanese photographs of Japanese Japanese in terms of other Thai images! (It will bring readers back to you)


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