Sunday , June 13 2021

"Right Television" to digital television after 19 shareholders acknowledged

Direct TV shareholders 90.1% have approved the acquisition of "Spring News Television" to access 19 digital channels. Renewal of the station and the new board

Mr. Songpol Chontakitchai, Director General of Public Broadcasting, TVD, or TVD, Omni Channel's leading product and service provider, announced on November 23, 2018, the General Shareholders' Meeting of Shareholders approved 100% of the votes, provided by the company Spring News Television Co, SL 90.1% of the capital had a wholly owned subsidiary of New Networks Plc. NBTC frequency, to operate the digital television channel 19
The company Spring News Corporation, Ltd. The company hired to finish the deadline for the creation of news and news (April 24, 2029), according to the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the company. News Network Corporation has approved the sale of these shares by TVD earlier.

For this investment, Spring News Television will be responsible for paying debts. After business Shares transferred. There are plans to change the name of the station and the program will be in the air in 2018. However, the proportion of news and news broadcasts will remain. With the emission, selling and merchandising. 50: 50 proportion according to NBTC.

"The company is convinced that the investment in Spring News Television will be a growth in television business, in the long run, as a customer base on digital television audiences, as well as a channel of communication with customers, which will improve the company's sales channels, such as direct live television," said he Songpol

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