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Speak! Boom's heroine, young actress, star soup, post Lao Yiying

The social media spread around the hero – After seeing the heroes of love Boom The Star along with Jinyin Saruja Dara Ying, the lover of love, as well as the past of Valencia, is not that couples, images, and messages seem like this love is not sweet. In addition, the last couple of single AFLs are separated.

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The latest young actresses of recent shows also send their own images to the title "Someone said:" Good love should have a couple. Not odd "… .." Longer, joining together both of them became a critic of the law. The reason for this love is broken. The young hero spends another hero to attend the event.

Jinnang helped with # supportyingying as there were many people, while friends came alongThe tickets are mysterious. #Mon Rak Dokkhun Along with another heroine

While some people talk about different things, for example, they do not say the likes of pop. Some people say AIG in men Send skin images to AIG. With suspicious accounts But now it has been deleted

Latest works Tadad larvae Super Star One, entertainment in Laos Who led the heroine "Multiply Kannon" with drama and boy boom, who is currently watching as a boy who is already expecting Boom

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