Monday , November 29 2021

Thai stocks were currently closed on the afternoon of the stock market, with a further 14.78 index at 1,364 points.


Thai stocks currently closed on the stock exchange in the afternoon, adding 14.78 points, the index stood at 1,364.59 points, with a turnover of 66,934.72 million baht.

Thai or Thai stock market movements today, November 18, 2020, in the middle of the afternoon, the index rose 14.78 points, a change of 1.09%, the trading value of 66,934.72 million baht, the index is high at 1,364.64 points and the lowest. 1,341.46 points

These are the 5 main trading stocks: 1. Kasikornbank Public Limited Company 2. SCG Packaging Public Limited Company 3. Small International Public Limited Company 4. PTT Public Limited Company 5. Global Power Synergy Public Limited Company.

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