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The chemist decided to close the pharmaceutical and then the passion.

I do not know what to do. I bought teens every 30 minutes to buy what to buy. I decided to close the pharmaceutical passion.

Today (November 29, 2012), "Pharmacy Pharmacy and pharmacy pharmaceutical rental" has been published on Facebook by the pharmaceutical company to ensure a solution to the problem. Mixed feelings about this suggestion. And he did it for 3 years, it seemed to be useful. It can be said that pharmaceutical is found every day. Closer to:

1. Antibiotics are not disinfectants. Sore throat, antiseptic, sore throat, sore throat, right throat (tonsillitis), mucus / sputum, yellow color for 3 days. Each time I have to take a disinfectant to eat. Always stop. Now this is nothing. But next time it will be resistant in the future.

2. Two-month pill. Let me eat that day before eating. It will be 2-3 business days a month. Do not eat the benefits.

3. Do not eat more than twenty boxes, not 2 boxes per life. This is a misunderstanding of everyone. But ask eat 2 boxes a month and eat well? The answer is not good. It is enough to eat. One day I want to be children. Bladder extends out of the uterus. You think you should take urgent medication. Change monthly control.

4. Chronic heart disease, diabetes, heart disease, the same drug stopped. Do not adjust the dosage itself.

5. Diarrhea Mineral minerals, exercise Mineral diarrhea "Do not heal diarrhea", but eat mineral offsets. It is a waste, so it will not slow down and it is not drunk. But how often do you sip? (Glasses completely drink, because minerals have the ability to absorb water, which means that many people do not want to eat minerals.)

6. Muscle Relax Some brands of drug mixes have not been added to add another. I do not know how to do it. Already there

7. Dry cough with spit. Drug treatment each other.

8. All eyes open the lid for 1 month and not share it with anyone else.

9. Medicines called Diagnosis. Do not treat kidney disease. True, the world does not have a kidney disease.

Antibiotics, such as ibuprofen, diclofen, naproxen, mefenamic acid, piroxicam, celecoxib, with calming muscle. No two antibiotics should be eaten because the stomach will increase. It affects the kidneys.

11. The stomach bites said antibiotics. Listen, but it's not that bad. Eat it immediately. Stomach not irritate.

12. Steroid only apply to serotonics, thin and steroid, if not all bodies can be applied to all the bodies if their skin or skin is soft. Infants Use the lowest level: medium only, do not use robust.

13. Say drowsiness. Dysfunction is worse than nasal congestion, but short acting. I often have to eat in the morning and in the afternoon, it's not a single level. No nose But long acting. Eat only daily (Long but weak), if both the nasal secretions are nasal. But work driving Used machinery I do not sleep at all. Before sleeping The new version is the latest version of the new drug for the development of the drug Des … Levo … expensive, but a new version with a good performance.

14. Women's medicine Do not be aborted. In addition to abortion, not to stop the baby from nursing. I have a 30-minute teenage shopping for buying medicine until we guess what to buy. We have to decide to close the store quickly. I'm afraid if they are not selling hurt.

"Every day they come to the end of last day to open tomorrow," he said. I have a passion for pharmacists. "

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