Friday , February 26 2021

The House Series 2.2 is over … Many local movies are waiting for you to watch.

I'll see the action before the movie (61st 61). Series House 2.2 I did not pass censure. Deny scene The movie was released on November 22nd, but the best effort. Finally, on November 24, the series 2.2 was released internationally.

Good response to 50 million baht revenues.

From the first home, the series uses the first strategy of wild wilderness. Famous Northwest. The local style that reflects the lifestyle of the people of the estate will say that the house is not the art of the movie. Not a leather market would be called local real content.

Although not in Bangkok's main market. But the movie is powerful. In the end, Bangkok theater theater must watch the movie. And it grows successfully. The universe There are 2.1 and there are many 2.2 pending.

So after a few days of making the movie. I have made more than 50 million income. And probably a hundred million is definitely.

Local content and local content that conflicts with successful Tajik house is likely to be inspired. Many people who want to make local movies. Not the first one in the market. I will do it.

While working on the director's Facebook work.
Home Cinema 2.2 sensors. Remote to send to the cinema throughout the country. // Facebook Image Director.

I will not go censure, but the power of "free" will disappear.

Who has not seen the scene without a sensor? Movie is not scheduled at original time, see here.

Surasak poetry The director reveals it on Facebook. Take the scene to prepare a day these two days, let's hope that this scene is the weakest phrase in the story. I want to be a seat, where everyone feels most or what we feel most. I want to be a scene. But despite this movie without this scene, it does not matter, just relax.

Many people do not know why not by sensors. Because the priest is a people. A priest practicing the Doctrine, but does not mean that all passions have been cut. But not through sensors. The group has cut the scene. But the echo of the audience said he did not see the movie in any way. (If not removed) Can clean tears)

In the other corner, the movie does not pass through the sensor. Can not project scheduled Back to the movie Many people are waiting to see. The wait for more wait. Who did not see It is interesting that the transition to the crisis can be more attentive.

I have to wait.

The normal Thai film must be taken care of by Hollywood films. I'll go to the movie. Especially in major markets in the major cities of Bangkok and in major cities, but in series houses. The provincial market enters and gradually invades the city. The strategy is effective.

Of course, when the movie reached this size. No sequel to see More experiences. House Series 2.2 is a great way to tell a lot of web pages, get lots of pages in 8-9 degrees and finish with a sequel. As reported I do not know what to do.

I have not seen the 2.2 series home to see the first and second versions of the 2.1 version and not mix it up and wait for it to be prepared. Must see the course

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