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The Royal Thai Embassy received Prince Mahidol Prize

On January 29, at the Bamrasnaradura Institute, in the Department of Disease Control, MD Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai, Director General of the Department of Disease Control, headed by the Ministry of Public Health (TSD), inaugurated the "Cholera Vaccine Forum" ceremony, in honor of the Prince Mahidol Prize for Mahidol Príncipe. Department of Public Health, 2018, number 2, including 1. Prof. Dr. John D. Clemens and 2. Prof. Yon R. R. Holmgren (teacher of Jan R.). Holmgren)

Dr. Suwanchai said that the two winners combine research and development of the type of cholera type called Shanchol, more efficient and better than injection mice. What is the first type of vaccine used? The vaccine against this type of vaccine can prevent illnesses over 5 years of age. On the other hand, if the vaccine is more than 60%, it can help prevent cholera outbreaks. As a result, it is recommended to use vaccine cholera vaccine for the World Health Organization (WHO) to replace the injectable vaccine. Recommended Chanoc vaccine for use in countries with problems of cholera-occurrence In addition, the vaccine for the World Health Organization and Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) has also been created to prevent cholera epidemics. Especially since there is a risk or emergency since 2013

Dr. Suwanchai said that Cholera can quickly spread diarrhea and severe. Vibrio Cholera serogros caused by O1 and O139. Patients with severe and rapid diarrhea Frequently poisoning Patients cause loss of water and minerals Water and minerals can not be replaced immediately Patients are shocked and dying.

Thailand The cholera disease is sporadic. Contaminated foods or non-food foods are often linked to food waste, etc. In 2010 and 2015, and with numerous shoots found in periodic brushes, Cholera avoids eating food intake, but the vaccine is still useful in traveling to areas where it is experiencing this epidemic. Or go to work in a refugee camp. Or you must travel to South American, African, Middle Eastern and Indian countries. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Disease Control Department in 1422.


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