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UAM! The court punished Dr. Dung Laung, Chula Savings Savings Bank, 60 years old

Dr. Loud

Criminal Court, Dr. Sawat La-Ngok, Chula Cooperative, 10 Krathong, Khu Am, 60 years, total punishment every 20 years in prison, arrested 3 prisoners and 3-year-old prisoner

Dr. Loud / On January 31, taking into account 903 rooms Judicial court Ratchadaphisek Rd., Court judgment, money laundering case, black numbers, read 20/2560 read, Special case of prosecutor 2 is the defendantSawat Saeng Bangpla, Former President of the Board of Directors of Savings Co-operatives Chulalongkorn UniversityMiss Jirajaya or Omelet, jointly defended by Mrs. Khun Yot Ying and Phawitporn Baiket, 1-3 money laundering, Chulalongkorn cooperative fault, 42 million Baht defendant. In the case of jointly funded money, money is used to buy publicly-owned lottery tickets.

The judge today has eliminated Mr Sawat. Sentenced to prison sentence Mrs. Jirajaya and Miss Pawisaporn What has been bailed to travel to court

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In the court, the first and third courts overwhelmed money 2 people who commit 2 money to civilians is an illegal act That punishes the punishment for 4 years has taken the third defender. The first mandate is committed to managing the financial institution, and 8 times in prison, 2 times in jail.

The first court confessed to the third defendant. The evidence was useful. 1. Penalties under sentence 1 punishable under Step 1, 6 years of age, totaling 10 years for Krathongo. And the third defender was arrested for 3 years

The actions of the first court were constantly erroneous, a criminal sentence of 600 years had been imposed, and a maximum of 20 years' imprisonment. And the second advocate rejected the proof that evidence could not be understood by the second advocate for knowing the actions first defended, 3 was wrong

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