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Wait! On December 9, the transfer of 2-4 part money ‘rice price insurance’ began to be transferred


Wait! BAAC expects the transfer of funds to the “Rice Price Insurance” 2-4 delay can be paid from December 9th.

Deputy Director Mint Ngoenraung Bank for Agricultural and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) He revealed that the Cabinet (Cabinet) has recently approved an extension of the compensation limit for the rice producers ’income insurance program from 18 billion baht to 45 billion baht, as a result of which it will be willing to pay the BAAC. Money given to rice farmers on time

In the past, the rice price insurance program paid 1.42 million people, for a total of 15 billion baht, after which an additional 2.4 million will be paid on December 9 to farmers arrested in the amount of 2.44 million baht. The rest will try to pay the most by the end of this month.

Rice price insurance

The journalist reported that from November 26, 2020, BAAC paid the first installment of part 1 of the rice insurance and paid the second installment to the farmers who stated that they would harvest before the 14th. As of November 2020, the total amount is 1.4 million households with a budget of 15,000 baht, which is 86.3% of the previously approved limit.

But the original credit limit of 18.096 billion baht is not enough to pay. To ensure the price of rice in the next part, the Cabinet agreed to expand the scope of price insurance to 46,807 million baht. Farmers entitled to Part 2 compensation are expected to receive a harvest in Sections 3 and 4 between 15 and 29 November 2020.

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