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When the MacBook became an iPhone, Apple revolutionized civilization.


MacBook Pro

When the laptop is installed for the upper class. M1 chip Higher speeds will help make 8K HD video playback smooth and light. Plus, machine learning systems work more efficiently and of course faster!

But the coolest thing is that it should encourage you to sing Wow out loud M1 chip As well as being very fast it helps to extend the battery life MacBook Pro The new model can last up to 17 hours! If you surf the internet and 20 hours! As for the price of playing the video, its value starts at $ 1,199 (Thailand, the starting price of the 13-inch model is 42,900 baht, the 16-inch model starts at 49,900 baht).

Mac Mini

When Equipped for this compact desktop computer M1 chip In addition to being faster, they also increase USB-C ports For the convenience of connecting to various devices for work, especially with large monitors the starting price of $ 699 (starting price in Thailand 22,900 baht)

What will happen after M1 appears?

Analysts are looking at the decision Apple As development progresses M1 chip It’s interesting to you … It gives the Silicon Valley giant an advantage in many ways.

First of all Apple is using its developed chips to extend the iPad, iPhone and Mac family. Apple gives you more control over updates and user experiences. The app should also be compatible with multiple devices including getting the same Arinago device

Apple says it’s a computer M1 chip And work with the operating system Big Sur Apple’s new operating system will be better compatible with other Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad apps, which will be compatible with the Mac family.

And that M1 chip Being small means the design of the MacBook family from now on. The user will be tempted to be even more tempted And maybe it’s time to convert the MacBook Hybrid laptop-iPad (You can pull the screen off the keyboard) Once again!

But what’s worth seeing from here on out is that the real goal for Apple to incorporate the same chip used in iPhones into laptops should be its real purpose: A complete explosion of 5G war Because another product of its own, such as a laptop, can be fully connected to the 5G system.

“Should I let that opportunity slip away?”

Perhaps now the mobile camp may be ready to think of a great promotion. In the case of the MacBook family, you can wait and Aupa!

Also M1 The answer to the question that still lingers for decades after Loss Steve Jobs If the Prophet of the Disciples of Fruit does not count that Apple Watch Why is it that the Apple iMac, iPad, iPhone is stuck with the iPhone until the loud scream of the Wow family that has been the basis of the company is barely known.

Combined with the same chip and common code (instruction set), Apple can offer an extensive user experience. It also allows developers to create a single application that can be used for all devices, the same as the barriers used to differentiate computers from other devices. The end

All of these changes will begin when Apple releases a new operating system called Apple MacOS 11 Big Sur This will change the family of Mac computers with icons, music and various looks to almost different iOS (iPhone operating system)

However, Apple acknowledged that this important change may be a bit of a rumor. Because app developers need to learn new ways to work. However, Apple is committed to influencing important software such as web browsers, photo and video editors from all companies. On the first day of the replacement it will continue to work normally Oh … including all known Microsoft software.

What marketing benefits will Apple receive after the M1 is launched?

End of relationship intel After changing the chip he developed, Apple will benefit greatly. Own product that works more efficiently with everyone in terms of software customization As well as being able to manage production to better control costs

“You can save money on your own since you have been able to define fate and control elements! Bob O’Donnell decided on technological analysis

Typically, the price of a chip is 20% of the cost of a laptop, so if Apple reduces that cost. It is capable of attracting the hearts of new customers by itself Previously, the MacBook was a “price” barrier and was abandoned, for sure.

At the same time, Apple should take advantage of this opportunity. Create more followers in your civilization with the exciting promotion of the Apple Card (Apple’s credit card), which allows for 2-year interest-free fees. That will be the case as you can get an Apple computer for $ 42 a month.

“Bringing the Mac family to the public should be a very important marketing strategy for Apple this time around.” Bob O’Donnell explains Apple’s plans.

But still Apple’s move is of paramount importance to this industry. But it’s definitely something that will happen “Push” This will require Apple competitors to urgently adapt their products to “hunt” the main competitors who remain “leaders” in the marketing aspects of the high-tech industry.

“It’s the biggest announcement in computing in recent years. That will give results as expected. “ Steven Sinofsky, former president of Microsoft’s Window Software business, tweeted immediate comments after Apple announced the direction it would take on the new tracks.

However … the coin always has two sides to move forward when Apple starts spreading its sails. On the other hand, Patrick Moorhead, a renowned technology market analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, said no. (Shaking the teeth of profit) To market a new product based on the M1 chip, it is interesting …

Unseen prices will drop significantly.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air prices are barely seen to go down. Initially Apple expects to make a profit of at least $ 150-200 per device, even when the NoteBook market is in decline. For Mac mini lovers, it can be a big smile. Because the price has dropped quite a bit

External graphics that are still banned

Apple keeps the iron rule. “Don’t mix anything inside the machine like before” That should remain a tough question. It’s still impossible to play AAA games with the MacBook Air or Mini family or run graphics apps (workstation apps), right? Forget that the word Pro is right for professionals. Or even a professional player? Professionals always have to pay more!

Why can the maximum RAM be added to 16 GB?

Agree on targeting MacBook Pro It’s a good machine for professionals But for today’s editing work they need at least 32 GB of RAM. Many others need visualization and tremendous strength. Therefore, they are as much as the specifications. Therefore, it is likely that the question will be answered correctly

Why not move to 5G?

Surprising improvements in battery life will last longer. It’s no surprise that users expect the new MacBook to come with a 5G SIM or at least a 4G, but then … it’s lost. (Terribly), it’s very likely that the iPad will continue to market itself.

Why don’t you make a touch screen?

It allows the Mac family to run apps that run on iPhones and iPads, but restricts touch screen features. It’s something that doesn’t make sense, but it will be enough when the MacBook Pro has a built-in Touch Bar button. But again Or because you have to pay more Call Really Professional?

Well … they would bite each other, but when it was beautiful, Apple fans wouldn’t be angry!

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Graphics: Thep Amorn Saeng Thamapitak

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