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The Totoro Super League team played for Antalyaspor, Portugal's Desportiva Aves, by Amilton Minervino da Silvak until the end of the season. On the final day of the season, Red Roulette players, directly with 3 players, were given 1.5 years for Tarik Camdal and Portugal's Belenenses team Alfredo Kulembe Ribeiro. Antalyaspor organized the signing ceremony at Atilla Guest Installation for 3 transfers.

During the ceremony, Ali Ali Safak Oztur, President of Antalyaspor, said on the last day of the transfer of three new players. Portugal League, Amilton and Fredy, as well as the Super League, including Tarık Ozturk's transfer, "Amilton can transfer and buy from our transfers. Fredy has a contract of 1.5 years and a 1-year extension contract with a 6-month contract with Tarik. We have made transfers, but we have had the experience of the Portuguese League and Tarık Super League since our last match, and our players have adapted our skeleton to the end of the season and have joined the new season this period will be a period of knowledge transferring the transfer barrier. It has been a healthy and eliminated environment, "he said.

For the Antalyaspor family, I thank the president and coach Öztürk, Bülent Korkmaz, for thanking Tarık Çamdal, "I want to come back to the Antalyaspor community to revive football names. I'm sure I'm going to be a new start, I'm sure." I wanted to sweat, "Amilton told Antalya. He was keen and told he was helping the team.

Fredy Öztürk also thanked the president for giving me his Turkish career to continue. Fredy, "Antalyspun, a great truck. At the last Etoan club, Nasrik found it. My goal is to make the team useful and achieve the goals of Antalyaspor," he said.

Before signing, 3 football checks were being made. Taliq Camdalek, the left-wing nationalist, with the right Brazilian player Amilton Minervino da Silva and offensive opponent of Portuguese Alfredo Kulembe Ribeiro, Antalyaspor agreed to join the soccer players Antalya Health Card Hospitals. Football, cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, eye, ear, nose and throat tests finished general health checks.

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