Friday , January 22 2021

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Detroit Motor Show 2019 It was finally launched. Future cars will also be included Detroit Motor Show within Nissan 115 kWhBattery powered by IMS concept he went in. Here is the new tesla competition Nissan IMSSignificant features!

485 horsepower Nissan IMS competitors Tesla!

Many car enthusiasts continue closely Detroit Motor Show It continues unabated. Today's event has been an event with the car of the generation electric car. Nissan, IMS model concept He drew a point.

Depending on the official information on the new generation car, with notable features that drive the driver, this electric car needs to be mentioned 115 kWhBattery 610 km Road issues

Electric motors on rear and front axles Nissan IMS, 485 horses working So many others 800 nm torThe new generation that produces K, has very advanced technologies.

Tesla Model SThe new generation of luxury cars, which will be released as a direct competitor, can be highlighted with advanced self-guided driving.

Nissan IMS

Also, mention should be made of the new generations of automobiles, the differences in design, the unusual design. In general terms futuristic Who managed to come up with line strains luxury sports aggressive look of the car DetroitTo say hello, & # 39; e & # 39; leave the mark

Hold virtual reality in the new generation vehicle, excluding one of the most important technologies Nissan IMS in The most important feature In 3D mode will be created hologram traveler as shown.

Technology will soon become a reality Nissan, electric car industry TeslaHe wants to leave behind.

Nissan IMS

In addition, they are responsible for self-guided driving. Nissan officialsin order to provide an orthodox self-guided experience. Nissan officialsThe company also underlines the fact that when the vehicles are driven autonomously, the steering wheel will be completely eliminated and the vehicle will be fully autonomous.

Thus, a fully autonomous vehicle New generation automobile conspectable, The driver will give them a whole new experience.

So what do you think of this car? In your opinion, Nissan IMS, Tesla & # 39;Is it a competitor? You can send your thoughts here in the comments section. Yorum welcomes your comments

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