Thursday , December 9 2021

6-0 Joachim Löw’s comment after the historic match


UEFA Nations League Game 6 of Group 4 of the league Spain, Germany‘he had a terrible failure. The Spaniards defeated the Panzers in a game starring Ferran Torres with a three-pointer. 6-0 he won.

After talking to ARD after the match Joachim, coach of the German national team Löwdespair “black day” is described as follows.

Speaking to ARD after the match, Löw expressed his disappointment, saying it was a “black day” for the 2014 World Cup champions.

Löw said in a note: “It’s hard to explain right now, we had a black field today, nothing worked. Today has been very bad in every way. We want to be brave and we want to move forward, but today nothing works, neither in attack nor defense. After the first goal “We left our whole concept. We opened it. And the Spaniards were so good that they took advantage. They had no organization, no closeness between players, no communication. We gave the order and it was deadly.” has used expressions.

2014 World Cup winner Germany, in son In 1958 he scored 6 goals.

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