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A Times Çukurova 31 episode episode trailer? Züleyha had a great Trump!

Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, on April 25, is on screen 30 on Thursdays; The suckers began to apply Züleyha rules from the beginning, with the instructions he had received from his son Demir, and he started to apply well at home and Züleyha was bound to his hand but was very close. Once upon a time Cukurova; Züleyha, his son and his identity card, was the telephone conversation between Hünkar and Fekeli. On the other hand, the point of breaking the rupture of the rupture of the problems of past and present Yilmaz's past. Although Müjgan believed that he was a wife of Züleyha Yılmaz and still tried to listen to each other's love, Züleyhak was not allowed to leave because he expected to save part of 31 Çukurova. After demiring that Züleyhak had cleared Yılmaz's condition that he had only offered one condition, his son Adnan and his personality have been published, A Zamanlar Çukurova's 31st chapter.

One time at ÇUKUROVA 31

Zamanlar Çukurova, a 31-year episode that has become an indispensable production of ATV screens, has not yet been released …


Murat Ünalmış, Vahide Perçin, Uğur Güneş and Hilal Altınbilek Once in a Time 31 section of the Cukurova series, it will be on ATV screens on Thursday, May 2.

What happened in the last chapter?

Once upon a time Çukurova; When Züleyhak only gives his son Adnan Demir, when he regains his son? Adnan Demir Yaman is asking "I should die." Züleyha is waiting for an answer.

Will Fekeli and Hunkar's love, created from his ashes, reappear? How far will Adam's two strongest names be in the face of the family's values? How would those who perceive what happens between Hunkar and Fekeli?

What are the new Züleyharen plans, whose freedom is taken step by step? There is a new situation in Demir Yaman, with spills slowly and cautiously. On the eve of the wedding, Müjgan will remove the question points for himself? Still trying to find out what Yılmaz and Züleyha are doing, will Mujko take on a great deal of relief? Where is Gaffur and Seher converging in seconds?

Will Gaffur be caught in a second? A new guest will come to the palace. Will the newcomers from France come to Cukurov? Cengave put his hat in front of Fekeli and Yilmaz often speaks. Who will reveal his secrets? Fekeli's heart, who has learned events, can not handle it anymore! Fekerli Çukurova who has a heart attack will be standing up!

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