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Akhisarspor has left Fatih Öztürk straight!

The Toto Super League row in Sports Totals Fatih Ozturk in the last line of goalkeeper Akhisarspor left the group.

In the last match of Galatasaray, the cause of the injury was played in the last minute, excepting 32-year-old goalkeeper and 32-year-old goalkeeper. U21 group will be practiced. The contract ends at the end of the season when ordered by Fatih when Galatasaray ordered it.

The name of Galatasaray and the beginning of the season, but the circuit said, the government does not accept the file transfer guard last season, the Turkish Cup of Agriculture match Milan goal Lukac & # 39; t over who have been pursuing more than 1 number. Fatih Galatasaray, the last time in the season, the first time in the league, to protect the Lukac castle, was 90 + 4 minutes in the group's defeat.

Fatih last year demonstrated with the Turkish Cup and the Super Cup winning Green-siyahlılar, "I did not make any calls to Galatasaray. I could not wear a uniform because I had a mild pain in the last match against Galatasaray. I play that match instead. I'm going to measure extra hours as a traitor I have to do it but I could not play it because of my disability, "he said.

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