Monday , January 18 2021

Bitcoin locks up a new $ 4,000 move – Crypto is a relatively quiet Saturday market for money, Bitcoin continues trading horizontally with close trade between $ 4,000 and $ 4,100. However, this silence does not like investment. However, analysts expect BTC to see a fall when the momentum of its rise is fading in the near future.

Bitcoin will probably be $ 3,000, in the near future, markets have more purchases that do not have on weekends.

Bitcoin (BTC) stuck below $ 3,900

At the moment of writing, Bitcoin fell 0.23% to $ 4,031. During this week, BTC is seen as a resistance level of $ 4,100, because it has not succeeded in overcoming this price level.

It's important that Bitcoin will increase after that price and the $ 4,000 value will be applied as a support level. However, the true test of Bitcoin's current test will exceed the capacity of a significant degree of resistance of $ 4.30,000.

Luke Martin, a popular Twitter krypton currency analyst, has recently stated that BTC will decline again in the short term, while Bitcoin has a strong resistance level of over 4,100 dollars. .

Orum I think that the BTC will close below $ 3,930 if it rises within four hours. The next direction indicates a short-term decline. After a 30-day candle, I think it would not be useful for short-term investors to make your forecasts $ 4400- $ 2,000 30.

Historically, cryptographic money markets have had a great deal of price fluctuations during business weekends; This means that investors know where BTC is in the coming days.

Analyst: Bitcoin, probably in the near future, will probably decline $ 3,000

Since Bitcoin is not a significant technical force today, it can reduce $ 3,900 in the near future without rising high pressures.

Cryptomist, the crypton currency investor on Twitter, talks about the implementation of a BTC tweet at $ 3,900.

When we look at BTC, we will see a movement like yesterday's prices that we mentioned a few days ago. When the RSI support failed, we reduced the help of candles and we had a great increase. Before the brass candle is broken, we have 2-3 days to break the field of resistance to $ 4,010 and make $ 3,900 worth of the target value.

If Bitcoin has 4,000 dollars less, this level will probably be a difficult psychological resistance. Breaking values ​​may be said to be increasingly difficult.

Investors and analysts will look at the market on weekends to see how markets react to weekend prices.

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