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Check the eyes in excess water! – Partners

Eye Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Baris Yeniad, eyes watering, swelling, inflammation of the tear wall, abscess symptoms, such as an illness that threatens eye obstruction symptoms such as tear tube obstruction.

Dr. Barış Yeniad has pointed out that the tears are of great importance to our eyes and that they are very much in vogue. Capes Our tears are created in the tear glands. or a complete obstacle, tears occur when tears usually occur in the channel and when the eyes are shrieked.

The tear tube obstruction may occur jointly or later, Assoc. "The most important cause of obstructive vascular tears in the vagina prevents the loss of the membrane of the tongue (Hasner valvi), which is found in 5% of newborn infants. 75% of females with pre-facial surgery, more frequently inflammatory inflammation nose, often occur. or in the two eyes can be seen congestion, "he said.

In general, the obstruction of the tear tube common, irrigation, the eye tie, the eye is attached to the eyelid in the morning, he said. Additionally, "the main reason for these complaints is the tear infiltration of the bladder infections causing the infection, especially in the mouth of the patient's irregular eye channel obstructions at the beginning of the channel. It is important to change the treatment according to the different sections of the tube, swelling (preseptal cellulite), pressure on the bag inflammation It can be high, for example, as a result of the infection caused by an infection enhancement infection for the improvement of the infection, the baby is the first option for treatment until 9-12 months. The baby is already testing for 1 year, if the channel is still locked, repeat this process If the two strings last twice, silicone intubation is required, in this process a special silicone tube is fitted in the spring and the tube is taken 2-3 months later. During the first 4-5 years, the new channel can be created as a final treatment It will be done in patients who have not improved these treatments ".

Patient patient tear tube treatment was emphasized in treatment. "This process is performed with general anesthesia and lasts for about 30-45 minutes. Surgery success rate is more than 90% in the nose and eye-catching field in the field, the patient may go on the same day." Success opportunities are smaller. "

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