Saturday , June 19 2021

Chinese scientists have changed babies' genes

Researchers at the Southern University of Sciences and Technology experience twins in Shenzhen on experiments in twin children's genes.

Chinese scientists have changed babies' genes


The research team is the target of the CCR5 gene, such as aids, cholera and vaccine.

According to Jiankui telegraph magazine, seven pairs of embryonic treatment reproductive changes were due to a pregnancy, she said. With this experiment, Jiankui said the goal is not to treat hereditary illnesses, but to prevent gene resistance against infections, such as aids virus.

Jiankuik's polls have added that they want to keep confidentiality.

Scientists are using a CRISPR tool to make a gene change.

Chinese scientists have changed babies' genes


On the other hand, this development has raised some moral questions and concerns. American scientists participated in the study in China. However, this treatment is not legal in the United States, so it can transfer genes to the next generation of DNA, and it is a risk of harming other genes.
Some experts argue that this research is not safe, because genes are changing, others say that the design is emerging from babies.

According to the report, there is no independent assertion of Jiankui research. Research has not yet been published in a health journal. Chinese physician, a question about the question, is expected to hold an international conference in Hong Kong.

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