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Cüneyt Arkın is not & # 39; Guardian & # 39;

Cuneyt Arkin is in Hakan Guard

He participated in the presentation of Cüneyt Arkın Hakan Guardia. Arkin will not be the show.

WALL – Hakan: Guf ve, s published the second season promotion films with Çağatay Ulusoy, Hazar Ergüçlü and Ayaza Ayşin Turan. A new claim was issued by Zeynepayıi Hazar Ergüçlü geçs Zeynepayı series, Cüneyt Arkın, actor Yeşilçam.

Read the veteran actress of the 81's in Hakan: Gardentzia thought a role in new parts. The wife of Cuneyt Arkin Betul Arkin Netflix, a post she wrote on Instagram, is to promote only the revelation of the veteran Turkish actress.

Betül Arkın, Hakan Argu, "Hakan: The second session of Guardia, The video of the promotion under the moon", was in the series Keske Cuneyt Arkin, written in the Bet series.

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