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Do not let the last option of debt restructuring …

Credit and Dormitory Authorities provided by means of tuition and contribution credits, traffic fines, non-election fees, qualification fees, pre-2018 real estate tax, cleaning of the environment, building taxes, military service, fines imposed by law, negotiation fines, road expenses participation The structuring is part of the participation of the fee and sanitation expenses.

Payment period to pay in January 2018 and January 2019, No. 7143. In accordance with the Law on the restructuring of sections, it was extended until February 28.

It damages your configuration because it does not pay for the setup application, but it continues to pay deferrals to get the benefit from the setup rights. For deferred deferrals, the calculation will be more than 2% per month between the first and second installment payments.

Pay attention to the application date

In the configuration, those who requested reorganization of the Law 7143 before August 27, 20143, will take advantage of debts that lasted until March 31, 2018.

The delayed payments lost the advantage of advances in Law 7143.

Configuration payments; Tax offices, contracted bank offices and PTTs can be made. In addition, .00 Debt Charges and Payment (Tax Administration website section (www.gib.gov.tr) from 10:00 pm. Bank cards must be paid.

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