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ESET explains: the world needs 3 million cyber security experts

The global cyclical security deficit seems alarming. Certified by the Cyber ​​Security Professional Association, expert in different countries, ISC released 2.9 million copies.

According to research published by ESET, the biggest shortage of experts is in the Asia-Pacific region. Economic growth, technological development companies and legislation on privacy in the country's countries have expanded around 2.14 million people. Asia-Pasifk region, 498 thousand people, continues in North America. Open, 142 miles in the EMEA, including Europe, 136 miles in South America.

According to Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher, according to CISSP's certification information security expert, the ISC review does not exaggerate the need for global cyber security capabilities. Cobb suggested these figures suggest that in 2016 my research was found to be Söz 83 per cent of those who thought that finding the right security for cybercrime was moderate or very difficult.

Cobb's ESET Security Experts, the ISC report continued: in the latest ISC report, 63% of the participants of the organization "lacked a job in the field of cyber security," he said. In addition, 60 per cent have said their institutions have a moderate and advanced census because of the lack of staff.


Stephen Cobb says that countries and companies do not have enough time to attract enough people to work in the cyber cafe and ensure that people have the right skills. Cobb continues: & # 39; On the other hand, just enough people estimate that they're not keeping pace with technology development and expansion. In general, every new device connected to the Internet can create potential attacks. Since these devices are tested and proven new technologies, they also increase the level of protection they need. These devices can also be created by new wave devices for smart devices, smart homes, cars and even non-server waves. Cunning can create new weaknesses that can be exploited. Lard (DHA)

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