Friday , February 3 2023

European consumers' association to complain to Google


Brussels-based EU Consumers (BEUC) have announced that consumer associations have complained to the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovenia, Sweden and Denmark about their regulatory authorities.

The request states that Google breaches the obligations arising from the Data Protection Directive (GDPR), following the location of user data.

According to surveys conducted by Norwegian consumer organizations, public awareness of their religious beliefs, political tendencies and information about people with health status will be determined.

On the other hand, the personal data of the GDPR made major changes throughout May throughout the EU. Together with GDPR, these conditions for the full disclosure of people and clear permissions resulted in the collection, processing, sharing and storage of personal data.

According to the regulations, stealing personal data, such as theft or non-use of personal data, companies will indicate within 72 hours to authorities authorities. In addition, the authorities could impose fines, 4% of global company turnover, when they violated personal data.

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