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Fenerbahçe stadium is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

President of the Fenerbahce Club, Ali Koç, High Council, at a regular meeting in April. The club stated that the candidacy for the presidential candidate was that the financial structure was inevitable and that the economic structure was equally and they were everywhere. To say that there is a need for two management mentions, Ali Koç said that he was planning a four-legged strategy to make this course a plain.

Ali Koç, a member's statement to change the name of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stadium "Fenerbahce needs to change the name of the stadium, if you know more than I want to ask, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the name of the stadium" shape

Ali Koç, Orum Many people are accused of making waste literature, and strongly deny it. Our responsibility is to convey the truth. So far you acknowledge what you received, but the work of the ally. We have tried to inform the community about the situation with the most transparent form. It is very easy to cut it off and it is easy to cut, but I said it in the selection process; Sometimes you lose and sometimes you lose and earn he said.

If you have the Sonra elections 3 or 6 months later, you would understand the status of the community. It was a good choice. The 2nd period we had to say was that the reason for this event was 2 was able to go to the plain, he said.


Koç continued the speech as follows:

"We have a four-legged strategy to turn this course into a straight line. We needed immediate money in the short term in the short term to meet beliefs in 2-3 days. Liverpool Football Club, Turkey's history, made our partnership an invisible one. our small shareholders will help us increase the amount of money they put on the face, low cost, new loans and 122 million euros to provide our club with new support, so that, when we got there, they were billed for 97 million pounds, that is to say, within 100 days .

The old executive sent us mortgages, or the car's cars also came to us. We struggled fighting and we expanded for a year and reduced our interest to 22%. They removed and talked about the old administration cases. When I am ready to publicly talk. Every month we have 75 million 100 million spans. Most of the revenue appearing goes to the bank. We could not see the consequences and we said. When we arrived, some of the money given was old obligations. Before that, we had a football player of 14.5 million euros. We had to make a payment. The taxpayer, the manager, had to bring the last 42 million euros obligations. Here I want to come and talk about what I lie to. "


President Ali Koç also talked about the events of the FENEROL project.

Ali Koç, This Ild Project is not active because the football team is in the wrong. This is a small step in a big plan. The figures that we are making can not be offset. If he arrives, he will breathe in the short term. This is the campaign with the volunteers scheduled. Actually, we would not even have to try. We could not get closer to other clubs' support campaigns. But we got that. Our map is our strategy, but more importantly, we know we are Fenerbahce. Regarding Fenerbahçe, Fenerbahçe's financial and moral sacrifices can not be compared to any other community. he said.


Ali Koç said that it is a very motivating process for them on the 22nd day of the FENEROL campaign. I will not give a number as a quantity. Iftar will be performing tonight between May 12 and May 13. We want to reach 500 thousand people in the campaign. My request is called "financial liberation war"; You must protect and expand the FENEROL campaign. One of our members who wanted to help our basketball game "ignored the Internet or something that was struggling with me," he told me. If you have a problem, leave the rest of the phone and we will contact you. This project is very important. The participation of the Champions League directly affects. In 2016 we made a 3-year deal with UEFA that ends in 2019. We must make a loss of 30 million euros. There are different kinds of prohibition and punishment. Until May 31, how much help will we give as income? Our government used our government initiative. It was well done, but it was taken to the wrong places. He watched the state. This is not a good thing, TFF and Ziraat Bank started a project for the restructuring group for the Super League. This is very important for our financial freedom"He said.


Ali Koc, 500 miles from TL FENEROL, Galatasaray, has announced the campaign for sending. FENEROL contributed to Galatasaray Kıraç Ersoy's campaign, said Ali Koç, the person who sent the money.

Fenerbahçe Technical Director Ersun Yanal "Galatasaray's championship was prevented" Ali Koce replied "I agree with your criticism. I can not accept that. I'm surprised when I hear it, it's just our business." he said.


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