Monday , November 29 2021

Google’s first statement, which received a fine of 196 million TL


Google issued a statement alleging a penalty of 196 million TL infringement by the Competition Commission.

Not only with search results, but the company stated that it generates revenue through display of ads, “all ads on Google are clearly marked and different from other search results.” Google has stated that it will continue to work with the Competition Authority to resolve any misunderstandings.

The full text of Google’s statement is as follows:

“Users expect Google to deliver reliable search results. In line with our users’ expectations, we provide them with the most relevant answers, and we don’t get them with search results, but through ad impressions. Every Google ad is clearly marked and distinguished from our other search results. In keeping with our constructive approach, we will continue to work with the Competition Authority to clear up any misunderstandings about the operation of the Google search service. “

As a result of the investigation against Google for “abusing its main position in the general search market”, the Competition Commission decided to impose an administrative fine of 196 million 708 thousand 54.78 TL.

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