Monday , May 23 2022

He lost 70 pounds to care for the disabled.


Nurcan Keten, aged 48, has suffered a lot of obesity with Amasya for many years and has lost 153 kg, 70 kg and a weight of 83 pounds by 1.5 years.

Nurcan Keten, who is 48 years old and is suffering from obesity with Amasya for many years, reduces the weight of 153 kg to 83 kilograms for 1.5 years, to control the disabled person with disabilities.

Married and living in the village of Kayrak, with 4 children, Flax has not been able to care for 21-year-olds with their elderly people due to the obesity problem they experienced for many years.

Because of his weight, his psyche has a life of 153 kg and has difficulties in maintaining his daily life because he has not broken his son's needs.

When Keten, when it was applied to the dietician, began to apply its nutritionally-recommended nutrition program to get rid of his condition and started sports a while later.

When Ketek lost 20 kilos in the first month, it lost 1.5 kilograms of 1.5 kilograms and dropped to 83 kilos.

In recent years, Lin's have been told by reporters that they have suffered heavy problems for their weight, he said it was very bad.

He prayed very carefully about the situation, to get rid of patience and perseverance, Lin, "I started my diet for my first child. I could not do my job, my wife was doing. I was tired, I did not go home, I could not breathe. I got into that situation, told me about food, with the grinder that started to eat food, he said.

Kete left a lot of healthy food, started the process and then told Keten that he was "153 pounds and 83 pounds, our goal is 70 pounds. I also made Hilmi, my son most did." We have to be constantly. Also, I will be healthy with my son. "Find expression.

Dietitian Gulsah Yildiz Akyilmaz's sports and diet are separated from each other, in Keten's, 1.5-year-old, 70-kilogram diet and sport, the speaker said.

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