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He told the Palestinian Lard, he said, to sell to the Koran and to participate in luxury parties!


A summons in Istanbul, the people who are looking for, the Holy Quran, and religious books send them paper bags that send a paper paper. "We will send 10% of Arakan and Palestinian Muslim book prices," he said. 4 were arrested.

The incident that police officers reported with the police. A Quran phone company named Sanctuary, but charges from the victim's assertion that paperwork has begun. The network that was understood in the survey called a call with the number 0850. Following on from the Criminal Justice Department of the Istanbul Police Department.

This is the price list

This is the price list


The research center called for the Bağcılar and Yenibosna centers. The technical and physical monitoring tests were led by the Adnan S. Sabriye Ö., Who is alleged to be the Girlfriend of the Ringleader, also organized the work in the call center.

Here is the item of gangs formed by so-called gods

A gang member has sent orders.


Cyber ​​Police also revealed details of operation before network operation. Allegedun members of the network, thousands of phone numbers were working on data.
Especially in some religious days, the calls increased. Qur & # 39; or religious books are recommended. Later, it was said that books were made in books.

They understand love!

In accordance with the assignment, the members of the network warned of what was happening before the religious congregations of religious worship, as well as to tell the level. We're sending 10% of Arakan's and Palestinian Muslim book prices, said network members, Hodjaj persuaded other people.

Gang members party feast money

Gang members party feast money


The police team that supports books with credit cards and the paper members of the network members who offer paper payments to pay for the papers. Esenler specified the address of these charges to be an address. In the research, the network that was looking for 8 thousand 600 people was in 8 months, with 2 million and 700 thousand pounds in the network.

This is the lover of gang leaders ...

Here's the lover of the gang's boss


When Cyber ​​Police received sufficient evidence of the operation, the prosecutor's office acted. Numerous addresses, call centers, and repositories were interrupted. They were arrested by 26 winners and their mistresses. The suspects were taken to the Istanbul Security Office in Vatan Street.

Here are the seizures that are running.

Here are the seizures that are running.


Call announcements, calls, calls to persuade people who have found the notes found on the network. It was said that the notes were added to the staff tables at the call center. It is said that they are the conviction of these people's remarks. The Network Director also defined the list of employees.

Images of the luxurious boat featured.

Images of the luxurious boat featured.


The images of the people who celebrate the network's religious sentiments were celebrated, a party with a luxury boat was held. Most people dancing in the boat call the call center staff. The gang executives also say it was fun that they were unfair at nightclubs. A woman in the network call center, wearing a skullcap on her head, appeared imitating and testing her head.

The detainees were sent to jail.

The detainees were sent to jail.


The police were arrested after arresting police procedures after being arrested. Four suspects were arrested by their leader Adnan S. and his girlfriend. The judicial control of other suspects continued. The Directorate General for Religious Affairs has also learned from the web.

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