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Hidden risk & # 39; broken heart syndrome & # 39;

Cardiologist specialist Ismail Erbakan, especially young cardiac heart syndrome
unhappy or unexpected
the subsequent syndrome of the event may be serious. Middle, "Broken
It is a heart disease syndrome that occurs most often in patients.
Imitating the heartbeat after a sad or unexpected event
it's a condition. The situation is dangerous.

These patients have chest pain, with little respiration and sometimes sudden death.
may come across Patients were diagnosed with heart attack
appearance It hurts the patient's breast, reduces breathing and deteriorates the overall state.
it happens Two ECGs and exams
It also involves disorders and blood loss. These patients
Our point of view, first of all, is heart failure and is a patient
We take angioma and look at the veins. If you look at these veins,
There is no obstacle in the ships. Heart disease in the process of these patients,
Arrhythmia, breathing or heart arrester may occur, "he said.


In the east, heart disease syndrome is particularly noticeable among young people,
"Initial causes are unexpected sudden bodily and psychological accidents that are unexpectedly unexpected
human losses, diseases, unexpected news
You can be the improvements you hear. It's a condition that happens in youth.
It is very important to apply these patients to the hospital as soon as possible.

Early angiograms are very useful because they are unnecessary medication.
are protected These patients continue to be heart attack if they do not have angiography.
They are being treated like. They need to take unstoppable bleeding.
Therefore, to treat patients such as the first heart attack, do an angiography,
taking the necessary measures is very useful. If the veins are opened,
It is important to suspect heart disease syndrome, "he said.

Erbakan indicated that it is possible to protect patients with heart fracture syndrome,
"Perhaps the most important way for people who have experienced these unforeseen events
Consoling, comforting, removing the environment, interests and importance
change other directions Depending on the environmental factors or the number of families,
With the protection of the environment, people of this type of disease can be protected.

Heart-to-heart syndrome mainly occurs in women, especially
The disease in the summer. Be careful when the chest is in pain
and it is very important to apply for hospitalization as soon as possible. Created from this disease
There are death risks, especially because the clinical situation is the same as heart attack
In some situations, such as sudden sudden heart rhythms
There is an opportunity. Sustained heart failure in severe cases
It may happen, "he said.

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