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How many bitcoins? Here are the best crypt coins

The second edition of the second cycle was sponsored by China's anti-money cryptography in 2019.

One EOS, two TRON

The last index, where the best cryptographic projects are listed, while the EOS is at the top, is the second time TRON. Ethereum will return to second place at TRON.

Bitcoin two digits have risen

Bitcoin was ranked on January 15th. As a result of re-balancing in February, Bitcoin has risen to two positions and has been the 13th place.

lately in Litecon

The first five indices are EOS, TRON, Ethereum, GXChain and BitShares.

The full classification is as follows:

Source: CCID

The classification of cryptographic currencies prepared by China's Information Industry Development Center (CCID) was first published in May 2018.

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