Thursday , August 11 2022

How many years have the prices come at the end of the day? October 26, gold and gram gold prices


The gold gram price was balanced at 207.6 pounds a week after the first trading day. On Friday, after the dollar rate and the ten-year loss were negative, a drop of 0.7% in the previous day of the previous contribution was 207.9 pounds. So, how long was gram and quarter gold today? Here is the current gram and quarter-odd price

Gram gold began the new week with a downward trend, rising to 206 TL at 16.20. Quarterly price is sold at 340 pounds, about 333 pounds. Half of the gold price is around 680 pounds, those who want to get half the gold are worth 667 pounds. The price of gold in the Republic is trading with 386 pounds, 372 pounds a month will be reimbursed

Asian gold markets have had a positive trend in the subsequent minutes of the previous clause and the 0.30% of this premium is traded at 1,226.7 $.

Analysts say Russia and Ukraine Azov's sea tension can increase the perception of risk in global markets and this situation will be reflected in the positively predicted metal price.

$ 1,227 according to the level of critical resistance of $ 1,227, the $ 1,235-level analysts that go through this level would come, under $ 207 under $ 207, to get gram-resistance, he said.

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