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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? – Life

Jessica Brown

We've heard that eating the most important meal is not losing breakfast, healthier and weaker ones. Well, really

Breakfast is an argument used by all parents as the "most important meal of the day". However, two-thirds of adults from the UK and three-thirds of the United States eat breakfast.

"Our body consumes a lot of energy to grow and repair tonight," says Dietician Sarah Elder. "A balanced breakfast and our protein and calcium levels will be completed at the beginning of the day."

But some of them do not agree with the importance attributed to breakfast. Some say they do not complain about a successful diet that does not eat long hours of day, and others complain about the impact of the crises market in order to correct public perceptions about the importance of hunger. There is also an academy saying that breakfast is "dangerous".

Is breakfast the best way to start the day, or crispy companies increase the importance of breakfast in their own interest?

Change routine

The scientific research in the breakfast room mainly relates to obesity and the other.

In the US study of 50 thousand people's health data, the body mass index of people who think and practice breakfast at the best luncheon meal is lower among those who care for lunch or dinner.

Researchers are reluctant to increase the feeling of breakfast saturation, reducing daily calorie intake, increasing our dietary diet by using fiber food and reducing insulin risk, increasing insulin sensitivity in subsequent meals.

However, in order to respond to the breakfast question, researchers have organized a 52 week week obesity program to clarify. All women took the same amount of calories one day, but breakfast started half a half and half did not start breakfast.

It has been seen that what was being lost was not breakfast, but it changed the usual routines. Those who did not have breakfast lost more weight when they started breakfast in the old habit. Those who ate breakfast ate breakfast and lost more weight than those who ate breakfast.

Breakfast and obesity connection

So, why is the connection between weight loss and obesity only if breakfast is not the cause of weight loss?

Some people may recognize this problem by having less information about eating habits and health. Those who eat breakfast may have a positive attitude, such as smoking or regular exercise.

After analyzing the results of 10 investigations analyzed in 2016, the data linking weight and weight were limited. Depending on the breakfast, the food was damaged by the weight or amount consumed.

Vegetable expiration diet

The same thing for eating and following in the afternoon is that it is a method of weight and general health.

In the study carried out in 2018, it demonstrated blood sugar levels and controlling insulin sensitivity and lowered blood pressure.

On the border of Diablo, two men were divided into two different regimes: everyday calories consumed half of their needs from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the morning, while the other half had the same amount of calories for 12 hours. The tension of the first team dropped to the effect of the drug effect.

However, the subjective group is said to be small and in this area more research is needed to uncover long-term benefits.

In fact, an academic increases the amount of cortisol at the beginning of the day, which is why it causes 2 types of diabetes while increasing insulin resistance. In fact, morning sickness can be dangerous because the virus is not widely known among researchers.

Experts have a high body rhythm in the morning resulting from high cortisol from the body.

In the 18-day study of 18 people with diabetes, in the last 18 days of diabetes, the breakfasts of the breakfasts fell in both groups and a sudden increase in the blood sugar rose after the first meal. The researchers concluded that breakfast is important for the normal functioning of the body clock.

Dinner is an important time

However, Courtney Peterson, at the University of Alabama, emphasizes that not having breakfasts should be divided into two groups. Those who eat in the morning and spend their usual hours at dinner, who regularly tastes with periodic baric diet, breakfast and dinner, increase obesity, diabetes, heart and vascular diseases.

That's why Peterson thinks he's supposed to have breakfast before breakfast.

Blood glucose control is the best in the first hours of the day. After eating, it is difficult to control. Therefore, if breakfast was skipped, we should be careful not to eat late.

A study conducted at two universities in the United Kingdom discusses the effect of food on weight. This finding means that morning breakfasts are beneficial for weight control.

Healthy foods

Breakfast is not just your weight. Since it is not breakfast, it increases heart disease and the risk of type 2 diabetes over 20 percent.

One reason for this is the nutritional value of breakfast. The most common in western countries is the habit of eating ordinary breakfast. Cereals for breakfast for cereal and mineral varieties. In the study of more than 1600 young people in the United Kingdom, the most common breakfasts were fiber and folic acid, vitamins, iron and calcium.

Experts believe that breakfast has a positive impact on memory and concentration. But it's also important to eat breakfast.

According to some studies, higher breakfast protein reduces breakfast consumption during the day.

A tasty breakfast is quite common in the United Kingdom and the US. However, cereal causes a significant amount of sugar content.

Some say that they would be better in the morning if they would consume jelly.

As a result of 54 studies, it should be emphasized that there is less consensus for breakfast than the absence of consensus and the main thing to eat in the morning.

However, some experts believe that the natural flow of the body, eating hunger, is not a problem.

Someone wants to eat something in the morning. Diabetes, foods, blood sugar, such as oatmeal, such as a nutrition-related study concluded that it is useful.

Some experts believe that this research should be done based on personal inequality. Additionally, aside from the eating habits of the day, a single luncheon will not be given.

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